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Santadash with time to reflect

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It was part of a work initiative runwalktalk 5k, it started a month ago but my first go, The route was all off road, out and back through the grounds and stables of a Cheshire hall.

After a weekend of excess i set off at a slowish pace but as the field thinned out I found myself a bit stranded,

The route was not straightforward and I didn’t want to achieve notoriety as being the Burke who got lost on the Santadash, I dropped back into a nice social group, we went through half a dozen kissing gates which turned into high fives with the young bucks on the their back,

I was really enjoying the slower pace having a natter,

As I stood about waiting my turn to get through a set of gates, I thought back to those breathless hot summer nights, I did my C25k on the canal towpaths meticulously planning how I was going to negotiate past other users without stopping, I had a big fear of not being able to get going again, I did it alone but inadvertently gained a fan club, one night on the opposite bank, some feral youth was trying to get the attention of his mates, “look look here’s that bloke with the plum head ;)

I have had to recheck to be sure, in my mind it was a huge challenge

wk 1 -run 1 - seven x 1 minute runs

six months on- get me ;)

Running, stopping and starting and talking all at the same time,

The event is normally run on a Friday Yet another running avenue opens up and one I intend to pursue, what better way to close out the working week than a nice slow social run ;)

We have our own personal mindset of where we want to go with our running and how much bling we want collect on the way, but it is also important to reflect on what we have already achieved :)

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Great post- I would have been beetroot head! and you’re right, we need to look back as well as forward, just to see how far we’ve come. I did c25k alone (except for these forums) and mostly run alone (except for these forums) and sometimes I forget how much I’ve done in 14 months. It brings it home when I run with my friend who is on the last week of c25k and I remember how I struggled. It’s also a tremendous ego boost as I’m a slow runner, but she sees my running as fast and effortless. In the end the only yardstick we have is our own progress x

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Tony_68 in reply to FlickM3

Flick, I mainly run alone, I do sometimes fall in step with someone at the park run and have also been on a recruitment drive, my sister and her daughter are on the programme, I am leaving them be at the moment but looking forward to a family run, you also have have your trusty camera for company :)

I think that is going to be my New Years resolution, stop and start to take some photos, maybe a monthly time lapse of the changing seasons at some of my favourite spots, we are where we are as runners, progress is slow, but progress is progress ;) I over focused on it after graduation, I am slowly realising that and getting towards where you are, running with in yourself and enjoying it, your friend Is right to admire that, it takes a lot of dedication, practise and hard work, my confidence until recently was fragile, I have run 3 times a week for over 6 months therefore I am a runner, I have only just accepted that, I will use anything available for motivation, love my Strava and all that lovely Data, been working hard on consistent splits, that’s still very much a WIP ;)

I am also on the NHS C25k,s hate slipping too far down that pesky leader board: ;( i was in a joint position with you the other week, you run in a lovely part of the world expertly captured in photography, I will pass on the kudos next time it happens ;)

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FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Tony_68

I’m ashamed to say that my photos are all taken on my phone (albeit with an app that overrides the phone software and allows me to capture RAW images). I trained in photography and have a camera and range of lenses, but I find the phone easier when running. As for,photos I find it best just to take what inspires me on a run and, looking back, the photos fall into seasons anyway.

What leaderboard? I never bothered to look.

You are doing brilliantly x

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Tony_68 in reply to FlickM3

It’s on the front page, view leaderboard

I sometimes view it if the weather is bad as a bit of additional motivation to get out, ;)

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Plum head!! And now look at you 😊🏃‍♂️

What a long way we've all come (literally). Isn't it amazing!!

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Well done Tony, what a great work initiative! Anyone who has completed c25k is a winner as far as I’m concerned. I really think the nhs should be shouting about it.

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Tony_68 in reply to Dexy5

I agree, I think some BBC journalist will pick it up sooner or later and we will all end up as realty stars :)

I ran for a running club up to about age 15 and don’t remember it being very technical, we did do track splits, long and short road runs, but all at flat out pace, I played football most of my life and ran my sons football team up to a couple of years ago, I did the compulsory FA coaching badges, well structured and did engage the kids,

Since coming through C25K and following the threads on the bridge to 10k omg, my eyes have been opened how technical running training is, athletics is a very poor relation to football, I have looked at my former running clubs website, the track is only open 3 nights a week and if you choose to join it is compulsory that you compete for the club a minimum 3 times a season, I think they are missing a trick but probably get no funding and operating on a shoestring,

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