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Magic 10 - W1R2 - not really


According to ju-ju, I was to do 5K. But I decided to do my 30 minutes easy consolidation run. With slow and steady pace, I covered 4K. I was really happy to see that over all 30 minutes I managed to keep very similar pace :) I decided to keep it simple, keep it easy. No pressure regarding speed or distance. I wanted to have a nice pleasurable run without any pressure about numbers.

That's my win for this week :)

Next run - Friday. I'm aiming at at least 5K. I will see how it will be going, and if I will be able to reach 5.5K. But I won't push myself too much.

Happy running!

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Congratulations! My consolidation 5K was really hard today.

I do not know why. I wish success on Friday's run! 👍

IgaT in reply to lusmo

I wish you success. Some days are harder than others for no particular reason. Good luck for us on Friday ;)


That's the beauty of Ju's plan...we take it as we feel it..go you


IgaT in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you :) I trying to have this week easy, because of Saturday graduation push and very demanding time at work (mentally and physically).

OldflossAdministrator in reply to IgaT

Just do what you are have had so much to contend with , but each time your strength and determination shows through xx

IgaT in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you. I am aware that recently you can rarely find happiness and cheerfulness in my runs. But it is somewhere under the exhausted surface. Les than a month to my holidays. So hopefully soon I'll regain my smile and optimism ;)

I am just very stubborn girl and running gives me so many benefits :)

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