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Magic 10 W1R2 - oh my!

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I ran at lunchtime today as my event 😱 on Sat starts at a very civilised 12.30. My word it was hard. It wasn't until about 20 mins in (of the 30) that I thought I was feeling alright.

I used the Nike run club app (because Jeremy Vine was on Radio 2 and he just irritates the ass off me). Knowing nothing I selected run with Lopez part 1 because it was 30 mins long.

Well there's a lesson in not feeling sorry for yourself! I was nearly in tears listening to the man's childhood experiences. Truly awful 🙁 I'll certainly be interested to listen to the other 2 podcasts.

It started to rain, well drizzle hard, part way round. The first time I've really had to run in the rain and it was quite nice. Maybe I won't be such a wuss in the future 😂.

My left calf got a bit tight at one point. I'm stretching and rollering in the hope it will be ok for Sat.

Hope you are all having a good week.

Happy running folks xxx

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I do love an NRC run session - I’m addicted to the Headspace ones at the moment (though I seem to be treating every run as a ‘recovery run’ - usually from my last outing!!)

I’ve also discovered that getting out in the rain is one of the unsung pleasures of this running lark - everything smells fresher... and overheating is kept at bay!!

Good luck on Saturday... I look forward to reading your race... I mean... *event* report!! X x

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Jogunlikely in reply to Kertesz

Do they talk all the way through the headspace runs?

At the mo I'm think I'll do the I don't want to run run for Saturday as a prob need the encouragement but happy to try a headspace as long as there aren't big bits of silence. Don't want to let the gremlins in!

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KerteszGraduate10 in reply to Jogunlikely

They don’t talk *all* the time... but for me they talk frequently enough to not feel abandoned - every few minutes or so. (I’m the person who felt Jo left her on her own too long in C25K week 7 - so I’d class myself as ‘vaguely needy’!!). There’s a Headspace run called ‘Break through the Barriers’ - might be just the ticket for Saturday! 😉. Good luck!! X

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Jogunlikely in reply to Kertesz

Perfect x thank you 😊 I've downloaded and ready to go x

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KerteszGraduate10 in reply to Jogunlikely


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Shan’t be listening to that one then, i don’t like the idea of crying and running, it’s hard enough to breathe as it is lol.

Further thoughts on your calf - try closing your eyes, focusing on where the strain is and breathing deeply, almost as if you’re sending your breath into it. I find this really helpful with muscle strains and knots as it seems to warm up the area and promote blood flow. Not sure if that’s true or not but it seems to help

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KerteszGraduate10 in reply to SeeJillRun

... Funnily enough, I tried this when my calves were hurting last week (I think I learned the technique at a mindfulness class...). I don’t know if it really worked or not, but I felt better because it deffo took my mind off the pain!! X

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SeeJillRun60minGraduate in reply to Kertesz

It’s something I learned at yoga years ago, it definitely seems to help x

I'm a great believer in the healing ability of the mind. I'll give this a go tonight

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SeeJillRun60minGraduate in reply to Jogunlikely

Let us know how you get on 😊

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Well done on run 2 ! We're over halfway through the first week lol (see how I have to motivate myself lol).

My 3rd will be on Sunday

Hey go with whatever gets us through x

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Well done, Jogun. And I also get the Twisted Twenties (as I’m calling them), along with the Nightmare Nineteens, the Sick Sixteens, the Unlucky Thirteens and all the rest.


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I’ve got a panache sports bra. I have to be a contortionist to get it on and I allow 5 minutes for that ! It keeps the girls under control and even here in Cyprus I’ve found it fine . I did try one of those zipped ones from m and s but I needed 3 hands to get it on so back it went . Once you know what fits and suits you as Madge50 said you can shop around to get last years colours at a decent price. It might be a good idea to go to a specialist bra shop as I did to get the right size.Good luck!

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Sorry folks posted in wrong post!

I was a tad confused there for a moment 🤣🤣🤣

Good to know though! 😁

Good luck for your definitely not a race 😊

Thank you x

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