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Running to podcasts- any recommendations?


I’ve recently discovered podcasts which can be really absorbing when I’m running and help distract me from the gremlins!

Just finished a series called s—town really fascinating and completely absorbing (lots of swearing if anyone gets offended by language ).

Anyone else got any recommendations?

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I love running with podcasts! If you liked s-town definitely check out Serial. This American Life, which is where they both originate from is also great, and is all standalone episodes - ideal if you're like me and get too sucked into these mystery series to wait for your next run 😂

Other series I'd recommend based on s-town are Missing Richard Simmons and Dirty John.

sarah65Graduate10 in reply to pingubox

Thanks pingubox. My friend put me onto s-town - she said it encourages her to go on her next run so she can listen to the next part. But unfortunately it didn’t work for me as with everything, I have no self control and listened obsessively at every opportunity for a day and and a half until I’d finished it!! Just done the same with Serial! (Then spent an hour googling the case!!). I think American life will work better for running purposes as you suggest!! I’ll check out the others you mentioned too 😁


Do you like QI? If you do you’ll enjoy No Such Thing as a Fish. It’s the elves using up lots of the facts that don’t get used in the programme. Makes me giggle as a puff along. It’s not a continuous ramble but always amusing.

JanB76 in reply to Sybilw

I listen to No Such Thing aa a Fish too!! With music my pace changes with every new song. With these podcasts I just get lost in all the ramblings, chuckling away to myself as I go.

SybilwGraduate10 in reply to JanB76

I keep thinking - oh I’ll tell him that when I get home but I’ve forgotten the detail or am just rubbish at re-telling so he’s never as impressed as I expect! I love it though.

sarah65Graduate10 in reply to JanB76

Same - I always used to listen to music but find podcasts and radio shows more absorbing

sarah65Graduate10 in reply to Sybilw

Yes I do , will look it up. I love having a giggle when I’m running. I used to listen to Dead Ringers and would be laughing out loud - got some strange looks from passing dog walkers 😂

SybilwGraduate10 in reply to sarah65

I just hope passers by think I’m a happy runner finding it very easy. Just like I try to control my breathing more and chirp hello when I meet someone in case they stop to ask if I’m ok!! 😆


My Dad Wrote a Porno - seriously funny. 😂

Running Commentary - two comedians running and chatting.

Human Race - inspiring running stories. My favourite.

sarah65Graduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thank Sadie-runs will look them up 😁

SybilwGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Well I thought that was a strange post until I realised it was podcast suggestions!!! 😂

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Sybilw

LOL! 😂

I love podcasts and radio catch up programs and do listen to a great variety.

My number one favourite is definitely 'My Dad Wrote a Porno' for giggles galore. To often I have been in stitches with laughter, which makes it impossible to run. The good thing is there are now a few series out, so you can binge listen.

'Fortunately' is another one I tend to time to start in my last 10minutes or so of a hard run - it lightens my mood and helps me to tell the gremlins to shut up, as I want to listen to the row of nonsense.

A true crime favourite of mine is 'Once Upon a Crime' (American), again, if you enjoy it, you have plenty to binge listen. And for the British similar, 'They Walk Amongst Us'.

I subscribed to a weekly email from The Guardian, where they comment on podcasts and have made really interesting discoveries based from that

sarah65Graduate10 in reply to Helloyougorgeous

Thanks for your recommendations. I’ve just started running again after a 3 month break. Finding this has really cheered me up!

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