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Winter running clothes recommendations please

Hi all. I started running in March when it was getting warmer, but I’m finding it’s a bit colder now and I’m wondering about some ‘best buys’ in winter running gear.

I currently run in sports bra, elastic/Lycra vest top/tee and leggings. I put a jumper on the other day but found this made me too warm and clammy. Any recommendations that won’t be too expensive?? Are jackets really worth it-I wondered if they might be too warm once your body warms up from running.

Thanks for any advice-shops/links/price tags all welcomed too!!

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I wear very similar in Winter to Summer with the addition of a BUFF/ capris rather than shorts and a lightweight waterproof and a warmer jacket for below 0. Thats it really, keep it simple. Oh and a headtorch obvs


I just have a cheapo lightweight hooded run jacket but it does offer some protection against the elements. I put it on post run for my walk home. I was glad to have it when I fell flat on my face last January and began to chill rapidly It ties round my waist when I'm warmed up, and has pockets so is useful in that respect as well. Mine was 6.99 from Aldi, I got a cap to match 🙂

I switch to full length running tights which are winter ones, e.g. Extra thick. Saucony and some Ron Hill ones I also have an Aldi merino long sleeved top for really cold weather Gloves and a Buff.


I just switch to full length leggings and a long sleeved top when it gets chilly but for really freezing weather try thermal leggings and a base layer (very thin top you wear next to your skin). I also add a thermal jacket, hat, gloves and buff. Two top layers should be plenty as you still get hot.

My winter gear is from Ronhill and the thermal stuff from Moremile which has been brilliant. Thoroughly recommend them. Shop around for the best prices but I've just had a look at their website and the prices are pretty good I think.

Try TXMaxx too as they sometimes have great kit at this time of year.


I switch to full length leggings (instead of my Capris - I'm not brace enough to run in shorts like ju-ju- ). As the cold creeps in I will wear either my shower proof jacket or thicker running jacket. Both zip up at the front all the way so after the warm up walk I'll unzip and remove it as I get to warm once running. I tie it round my waist then put it back on for the cool down walk if I get yo chilly.

I'll definitely be wearing my running gloves soon as my hands get cold even when the rest of me is hot. And I'll also have a buff over my ears as they are cold like my hands.


Need breathable clothing in layers, but least as possible or just get too hot, see the guide I've put on...😊


I go first to long sleeved tops and full length leggings, then to a lightweight running jacket, then to merino base layer top and leggings, hat and gloves. Or varying combinations of the above depending on actual temperature. A long time ago someone advised me to dress for 8 degrees (centigrade) above the 'real feel', i.e. temperature adjusted for wind chill


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