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Running to work - any tips?


I've just found the showers at work & also arranged a locker there, the plan being to run to work some mornings. I hope it'll buy me some time, vs going out & back for a run & then back out to the office.

Does anyone have any tips on what to keep in the locker, and what I'm definitely going to forget about til the last minute? ;-) I'd prefer to avoid running with a backpack if I can.

Organisation isn't my strong point & it feels a bit like that 'crossing a river with a fox, a hen and a bag of corn' riddle. Will I end up in a meeting wearing a smart dress over my trail shoes & a sports bra?

This article has some good tips:

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In addition to the list in the article I'd a suggest a small first-aid kit just in case, and a pair of wraparound polarising sunglasses because a fly-in-the-eye incident would be no joke in the office 😊😊😊

Runnf in reply to roseabi

Ooh, good ideas, thank you! Hmm, a first-aid kit for home is probably a good idea too, I should sort something out.


I once went to the gym on the way to work and forgot to pack my shoes! Such an obvious thing. I think it's because if I normally pack clothes to spend the night somewhere I plan on wearing the same shoes/boots the following day so never pack a different pair 🤦‍♀️

I also once grabbed a pair of tights and only realised when I put them on that I had picked up some Halloween tights with little bats all I we them.

Runnf in reply to Hidden

Ha ha! Those tights sound great! 😂


I've not got as far as running to work yet.... But i do bike sometimes. Which is probably better for carrying kit,but I try to still keep to a minimum. We don't have lockers at work but Im pretty lucky that I have my own desk and drawers so store stuff there. We also have showers.

I keep a spare toiletries bag at work all the time (and a pump) the bag is handy if I go on a lunchtime run.

Then I just try to be a bit organised and planned and take the stuff that ill need the previous day. Ie clean clothes,work shoes, jewellery and micro fibre towel. Plus carrier for my smelly kit.

Good luck and let us know how u get on.

Runnf in reply to Deals1

Good advice, thank you. The supermakert had some microfibre towels in cheap this week so I bought a couple.

Can’t see a problem with wearing a smart dress over your trail shoes myself! But you could always keep an emergency bag of clean tights and undies in your locker or desk drawer, and possibly a pair of smart shoes as well just in case.....

Runnf in reply to Oldgirlruns

Me neither - maybe I'd get the mud off first though 😁. I'm never that smart to begin with, I suppose I'm trying to avoid a slippery slope! 🤣

Oldgirlruns in reply to Runnf

I’m so glad you said that - I’m exactly the same and never quite got the smart working gear right! Or anything else for that matter! Smart and I don’t really match! Delighted to discover it’s not just me!!

Runnf in reply to Oldgirlruns

Oh definitely not just you! I am usually either in muddy garden stuff or muddy running gear, & happy as it gets 😊

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