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Breakfast Trotters Club!

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Well I managed to get out this morning and whatvanother beautiful morning it was and still is. I won’t bore with all the details,but needless to say I did my usual trot through the villages and ended up in Whitchurch. I like doing that because i can incorporate the hills even though they are steep and some I cannot run them but I do power walk them and I feel as if I’ve done something then.

I wish sometimes there was more flat places nearby to run but these are the cards I’m dealt with and I make the most of it and enjoy it . When I’m on the flat parts and the down hill parts I feel that that is my gift to me for working so hard on the hills hee! Although I still feel that down hill is cheating some times? what does anyone else feel.

I didn’t think I would get out this morning as I had a job getting to sleep. I was still awake at 12.00 am and for me thats late. So when I eventually woke this morning I did think that I couldn’t get out because I was still tired. I must admit though I didn’t feel too bad once I got out there😀😀

Anyhoo apologies for getting the clubs name wrong in last nights post, hope it didn’t cause confusion. Thanks to our Pink for putting me right.👏👏

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys and happy running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

18 Replies
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Hi Maggie, Well

done in getting out.I would not make it out with that little sleep and it would have to be reasonable quality also.🙈😂

Bed 2030 to rise 0430, breakfast,porridge,natural yogurt and frozen blueberries on top of hot porridge.Small

Orange juice, medication and half cup of coffee.

Running by 0549.Long shift,nearly 2 hours just to do 11.3k🙈😂

Not cheating Maggie, downhill is high risk.Biomechanical fact that the body is potentially subjected to highest out of balance forces.To minimise try and stand tall with short, quick steps, do not overstride.🤔

I think I missed the washing up again.🤔.

EE- wor lass, maybe see you

Wed/Sun. next.

Take care of you.BTC chief.💥🏃‍♀️💥

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Hi Tbae pet!

Fab run and oh so early ! You are amazing! I’m in awe🤪🤪Anyway thanks for your kind words,And thanks for your input about going down hill.

I try to just do little steps because I’m concerned about going over derrière over bosoms 😫(Well it is Sunday after all!) Any advice about going up hill?

Some I can just about run but I find I have to just power walk them.

Anyway Tbae don’t worry too much about the washing up Flick and I did it for you🙈

Anyway bonnie Lad see you Wed !

Great catching up with you!😀😀

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Oh almost forgot

Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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Tbae in reply to

Hi Maggie, yes uphill, your power walk is the correct thinking.

If you can, the uphill strategy is almost the same, only difference you have to try and lift your knees a little higher and if you have the resolve you have to somehow get into a mind set of powering into them. Takes time to build that stamina,though.🤔👍👏👏

Bit like Mike’s advice on pace improvement, in order to run faster you first have to run fast.👍👏👏

Does get easier and therefore more enjoyable.Of course you have got to keep your breathing relaxed if that makes sense.Don’t get anxious.🤔

Over 50 years ago I used to run down the Ben Nevis tourist path 3times per week.

Take good care of you and see you Wed.💥🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💥

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Eeh what a fit person you are! Can you still run down Ben Nevis? tourist path I mean.

Didn’t know about the lifting knee thingy higher I will try that on Wed and let you know Thanks Tbae!😀😀

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Tbae in reply to

I certainly could climb it.

On Snowdon twice last year, two different routes.4-6 hours round trip.

I think I could run down,core strength and balance is fairly good.Probably much slower.

Some of the path is scree, so its a bit of a sliding/ ski-ing action or it used to be.


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Wow! You are amazingTbae ! I take my hat off to you🧢🧢I shall come to you Tbae for more advice if that’s ok with you? 😀😀

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Tbae in reply to

Of course Maggie.

We all do our best Maggie.

Some Brillant people on this forum.

I am a novice.

Makes you think about the wealth of experience and knowledge on this forum.

It’s magic.💥✨

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You quite right there is a wealth of knowledge on this forum. Anyway pet ! Lunch is calling !

See you!😀😀

Lovely run Maggie. i was right behind you. xxx

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Thanks Flick! I knew that was you !😀😀xxx

PS: love the name trotters club. i can imagine us as little pink piggies barrelling along :)

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Hee! hee! That’s made me chuckle. Can you imagine it! We would be well Pink in this heat🐖🐖But would we have curly tails? Umm?🤪

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well, i got the pink bit right this morning!

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Yes you did ! Those capris are well cool! 😀😀

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I love them. Sturdy by design have some lovely stuff.

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Umm!🤔I may have a look myself if you don’t mind?

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Please do. They have some really nice stuff and I find the waistbands more comfortable than tikiboo

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