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Breakfast Trotters Are Go!

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Another beautiful, glorious, sunny and hot morning.

Peggy59 and I are heading out for a pre-breakfast virtual run 🏃‍♀️together so if anyone wants to join us, you are very welcome! Then back home for coffee and toast! ☕️🍞🥞😊.

Enjoy your run!

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enjoy your run ladies. I went yesterday ...

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Well done for doing yesterday Flick!

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Thank you. It was fine - two personal bests in the heat, so can't complain :)

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Hi Flick ! Hope you’ll join us next time! 😀😀

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Love to if it’s the right time xxx

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Ok! ❤️

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If only I’d known- just got back myself. It was a warm one!

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I think I saw you up ahead in the distance 😁 - hope you enjoyed the run and breakfast afterwards🥐☕️😊.

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Hey ! Next time for sure! 😀😀 hope your well?

Hey Fionn! Come to think of it I did see you after all..... I think that was you that whizzed past me.🏃‍♀️ or was that Pink 🚴‍♂️in his race?

Anyway girl between the three of us we’ve started something now haven’t we? hope loads of us join in. It a great incentive for me I must say as it gets me out of bed early when I’m not at work and makes me get out there and runnnnnnn! hee!😀😀

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Yep, me too. If I hadn’t promised to run with you this morning I would have bashed the alarm clock, turned over and gone back to sleep 😴, so thanks to you and pinkardvaark, i got up, got my backside into gear and got out there! 🏃‍♀️😊🏃‍♀️. Ooh and the coffee and toast When I got home tasted all the better for it!

Happy running!

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Yippee! I know what you mean though I felt the same. Once I promise I would hate to break that promise so it was great to get out there and also catholic guilt will always kick in hee! hee!😀😀

Let’s do it again soon ! Hopefully Pinkardvark will join the next one too😀😀

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Great idea ladies! Pop a post up next time you run. I’m usually an early runner too. 😊

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We will, and you are very welcome to join us!

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aw well done - just been perusing your reports! Good stuff! I'm almost scared to promise runs in case it backfires and I feel too pressured. Perhaps once I'm at 10K I'll join a club ... or ask if I can join your virtual one :)

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You are very welcome to join our virtual group - and there’s no pressure, you just drop in and join us if you feel like it, and if you don’t, just stick the coffee on for us 😁☕️ and we’ll see you in the ether!

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