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Hi Flick ...did you manage it?

I must say when I opened my eyes this morning I really wasn’t feeling it. However once I pulled my body out of bed I started to get better.

Today I varied my run and ran a route that I hadn’t done for a while.Now I know why!

The hills here seem to be more fierce ⛰⛰than the other ones or is it because I hadn’t ran this way for a while. Anyway it was a nice run and so so cool which I was very happy about.

Didn’t see many folks at that time of the morning. I did see some sheep,cows and loads of bales of hay wrapped up in black plastic all resembling humongous liquorice all sorts yummy! once I went of the main drag and into lanes and farm tracks beautiful!

Spoke Royston a neighbour who has two dogs one which just crawls along the side of the road whenever cars or people go by,which is so sad that it’s so scared. The other is really not bothered at all.🐕🐕

I didn’t do a long run today and before I knew it I was approaching home where my darling hubby and two lovely labradors were waiting for me ahh! How wonderful life is!😍😍.....

Happy running all and keep safe!😀😀

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I did! I did 12km, though only on the roads. Forgot to take water so nearly killed myself. I've posted it

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Forgot to say, great run Maggie xxx

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Thank you my mate ! 😀😀x

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well done :)

Thanks ju ju 🙂🙂

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Lovely run...Liquorice cow-cakes!

Well done you :)

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Thanks Oldfloss! Yes it was a lovely run and a beautiful morning. And the liquorice cow cakes? well I couldn’t eat a whole one ! 😁😁hee! hee!

Hope you’re well Oldfloss?xx

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Brilliant run... I an getting there, thanks.. slow and blooming steady does not even begin to describe it..MRI a week n Tuesday will tell me whether I shall be able to get out there again!

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Oh ! Fingers,toes, and every part of body that I’m able to cross for you for next Tuesday. Hope it’s good news and you be back out there soon!🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍x

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Thanks you xx

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