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Breakfast trotters and a curious conundrum!

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Got up as planned at 6am, quick cup of tea and then hit the trail for my first early morning Breakfast Trotters run.

It was a glorious morning, temperature rising steadily but I made it round my 7k trail run in 55mins so I was happy with that!

One very strange thing happened though; the long grass in the fields was really wet, so my Hoka Speedgoats got soaked and started squelching. About 1.5km from home, with very wet feet, I looked down and noticed white foam coming out of my trainers - eeeuuucchh! Was it soap suds left in my socks by the washing machine? I wear orthotics so have removed the original footbeds in my speedgoats and replaced them with trainer-tamed type soft foam indoors with my carbon fibre orthotics on top, so I wondered if it could be something in the trainer insoles?

Has anyone else had that experience? Weird!!

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Beautiful photos Fionn and great time too! 👏👏

Looking forward to the next one!😀😀

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Are you sure it wasn't sweat as Sadie-runs 's post 🙂

Well done on the run, looks gorgeous.

I don’t think so - never had it before and I e run in hotter temps for longer. I wondered if it was some kind of washing powder residue from my socks, as my feet were soaking from the dew. Or maybe something in the odour eater insoles? Weird!

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That is odd! Aliens maybe? See if a local clergyman does "trainer exorcisms" as a sideline?

Nice run tho!!

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Fionn42 in reply to sallenson

Oooh, you might have a point there - I didn’t think of ‘non-material’ sources. But hang on, there was a definite and quite loud ‘squelching’ sound going on too - not very spooky!

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