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Mantras, beliefs and motivators.

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During my short running journey on the forum I have noted so many of the above that have been contributed so very generously by the forum.

They have helped me enormously and that’s before taking my fledgling steps.

Of course they are very personal and deeply held and I have no doubts grounded out of ones life experiences and every imaginable emotion.They are all unique gems in their own right.

My view is can they help others, most certainly,can the IT system collate or even dig them out,or is the value as is,timely appropriate and when needed.

Just part of everyone’s unique journey, no one size fits all, but tailored to each individual.

I cannot accurately quote verbatim the many effortlessly,but it just flows naturally and easily 30-50 that kind of describes my C25k journey and therefore indicates in some way the help I needed and received.

Just thought this might be appropriate to others.

Don’t know why I listed them last night but refrained from posting.

Did not want the forum to think I had lost my Hey perhaps I have, but it is still a .lol. and without the emoji’s.

Take care of you everyone.

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Oh you have to share a few of them after making a post about them :)

Mine has often been "this is what you came for" which I repeat when it gets a little tough.

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Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win!!

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Go on then. Give us a few 😉 I tend to repeat to the rhythm of my feet “I can do this, I am doing this “. Even been known to sing it with a few flourishes “oh yes” 🎶

Mine is:

‘Strong enough to start, tough enough to finish!

I had it printed on to my medal holder..... a reminder now everytime I set off for a run! 😎🏃🏻‍♀️

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pollyp1Graduate10 in reply to Millsie-J

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Lovely post... so what are they? Do tell!!!

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My mantras are:

Push that body, punish that body ( for going fast)

You are strong, you are powerful, you are a panther ( freestyle)

Come on Ju, youve got this ( default, I find myself saying this out loud when I am tired)

That’s a lovely response.

I will recap them for you.

They should not be a surprise as you have surely already have heard them on here.

They belong to the forum and have been submitted by Mentors, Administrators and members alike.

Bear with me as this one fingered typist, keys them in.

Apologises if they are not verbatim but they can be corrected by the owners.

It reflects in a way the care from the forum.

Got a grandsprocket invasion at 1830 and I hope to get them done before then.

No pressure then. lol.

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

great and yes i know you have shared some of them. I am looking forward to your one fingered list!!! Still eating those emoji's?

This is a grand thread to capture more on Tbae, thanks for posting!

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Sometimes the hardest roads lead to the best places. When you’re going through hell - keep going.

Belief and only enjoyment.

Kissing the ground.

If you believe in dragons you also believe you can slay them.

Push that body punish that body.

To run faster you first have to run fast.

Run as in your childhood.

Eye on the prize.

Focus on the vital few and not the trivial many.

It’s great to be alive and on this forum.

Run for your pleasure and the forums existance.

Take the gems you need and give back to others.

Break things down to bite size realities.

Whatever you bring believe at the moment it is your best.

Be proud and enjoy your moment.

No how to celebrate your success.

You have done the work so the prize is yours.

Sometimes just do it.

Giving back is as important as receiving.

It is not where you start in life but where you finish.

I’ve got that feeling.

Build pace with time.

Believe in medical and scientific research.

Accept knowledge and facts.

Doubt is a waste of your energy.

Vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage.

Courage is contagious.

Ignorance is bliss it gives a new opportunity for growth.

Your beliefs are a continuous improvement process.

Unless you are working on improvement you are standing still.

Focus and just do it.

You have done the work and you have earned your reward.

Believe you are worthy.

You have challenged yourself and winning is your reward.

Make winning a habit.

The grandsprockets are on the way.

There is an ocean of gems out there on this forum that will help your fellow runners. Please bring them and don’t be shy.They are invaluable to others.

Run because we can.

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

These are so cool..... thankyou for sharing.

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Tbae in reply to ju-ju-

Many many more.

Thinking about it this morning.

I like Laura’s and MJ’s also.Will add them later.

Running is the life’s blood of your soul.

I am so pumped up now I might just fly. lol.

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ju-ju-Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

Yay!!! I mention you in today’s vid 😎

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“You can do’re no quitter”...this was my mantra today...tell us some of yours Tbae x

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Tbae in reply to Mummycav

Run at your happy pace and find your happy place.

Running is seeing your truth.

I love this comment mantra today,

exactly, it is what is required to feed our running journey, some can be short lived and others very long lasting.It is a growth journey.

Not read your post yet,but you made it out.Well done.

What a fantastic post!

The only one I use is Rob Schneider from Happy Gilmore shouting “You can do it!”

I love all the ones you remembered!

Great memory btw! 😁

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Mine comes from a Lego character called Jack Stone, his motto is "can do, will do, done" sums up C25K perfectly in my opinion, that's what is written in my hand written version of ju-ju- s plan that will get me to 10k

'Think of that sublime cup of tea', from Lee Craigie's Tedx talk. I posted it a little while ago, but I'll post it again because it's a cracking inspirational talk for anyone that struggles with motivation when running.

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SW16Graduate10 in reply to Sqkr

Thank you Sqkr, what a great Tedx talk. Sublime cup of tea is my new mantra!

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“Come on little legs”

I never used to like my short little school boy legs but I’ve grown to love them because they run.

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Great mantra.....

you are strong, you are fine, you can do this

It works😊xx

Physical facts.Please if this of interest all others welcome to initiate a new post,

Good running form is kinder on your body than brisk walking.

Some moderate fasting and abdominal breathing trigger repair receptors and accelerate your recovery.

You do not have to push heavy weights to improve your strength.

Our brains can favour perfecting a running routine and is slow to respond to a change of plan.

Core strength compliments your running improvement but you must remember to engage it.

Core engagement needs to be practised.

Static stretching post exercise is vital and should be obligatory.

Warm up and warm down also should be obligatory.

Dynamic stretching in your warm up is good.

Should not inspect your body to do anything from a cold start.

Do not post exercise static stretch vigorously or strain as your body will render your efforts ineffective,

Many, many invaluable factual beliefs and knowledge reside in the forum.

Can they be collated like all the other categories of information.?

Take care of all of you.

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Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Tbae

And to quote Jo Whiley “I love running”. It kept me going in the early days

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Great .. this should be pinned 😀 A couple from my profile under "Mantras I love"

- Slow and Steady

- You don’t have to go fast, just go forward

- You won't know until you go (© PinkAardvark)

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