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Diminishing motivation - help!


I very happily completed Couch to 5k about three months ago and for the first few weeks I had a great routine going: I would run three times a week and be consistently doing 30mins (which was often 5k). But then I stoped giving myself specific goals (like ‘run for 30mins) each time and for the last few weeks, I’ve been doing less and less, and so the running is getting harder, not easier. I was loving my running before this and I’m hating getting less fit. And I’m not sure how to re-motivate myself. Any and all help gratefully accepted!

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Lots of empathy with this post! It's just a phase, maybe you were constantly pushing yourself and you're tired of that. Could you perhaps go out with a different approach, take a different route, try music or no music, ie do something different? These are also strange times and I've had a similar experience. Keep at it!


Why not mix things up a bit? Rather than head out to run for 30 minutes every time why not try an interval run for 4K or a fast run or hilly run for 3K. Also could you try different routes? Even running the same route the other way? Could someone drop you off and you run home?

One of the ways I’ve kept motivated for so long is coming here and reading about others runs. Also posting about my own. You could do the same, take photos and write a post telling us about them.

I always love reading about other people’s runs 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🙂


Hi Minky I agree with both posts going out for a run of a specific length give a focus and then you can start to build little by little from there and then start JuJus magic plan when you are ready that will give a real sense of achievement, run for the enjoyment of it - happy running 👍😃👏


I think you need a new plan. Maybe a 5k then a shorter faster run and a slower longer run just to mix things up. Some brand new music if you use it and my favourite one of all , some brand new running routes . Good luck and let is know how you get on 😊😊


Join some of us on the Virtual non-parkrun parkruns, then you can join in our Saturday chats. It has remotivated some of us that were flagging a bit during lockdown.

It doesn't matter if you have never done a real parkrun (but might motivate you to give it a go when they start again) and don't worry if you don't run on a Saturday or for 5km. Just post about a run you have done and join in the chat.

W e are always happy to hear about post-non-parkrun breakfasts as well :)


If you like having some instruction you could try the Guardian Advanced podcasts

Here is a link to the post I did when I first tried it. There are further links to my reports for each one within the comments.



You could also try the Audiofuel podcasts (the same people that did the Couch to 5k with Laura)

I still use them regularly.

I used the Polyrunner series to build up from 5K to 10K and still use the 168 bpm about once a month.

I also use the Run Free and Run Wild ones fairly frequently.

I am not sure that always run exactly to the beat but I like the background and the instruction.

I mix them up with my Singles tracks and the Guardian Advanced podcasts.



I would normally say find new interesting routes, but that may not be possible. How about a monthly goal, you can make it up from a series of long and short runs- hold on, there’s a plan that mixes up long and short runs. Ju ju’s 10k plan. Give it a go, it’s great fun. Happy running 🤗


I struggled too. Ended up using MapMyRun to plot a course thru each neighborhood in my town. I needed the mental stimulation to keep going. It took a lot of this exploration to get my determination and enjoyment back. Now I’m tackling the 10k challenge. Couldn’t have done it with the no mans land of consolidation runs.


What about running c25 again from the beginning and using it as intervals to progress, once a week? Run harder than the first time. I’m not if it’s the right thing to do but it had crossed my mind as something different to do, I’m not sure I can think about 10k yet🤷‍♀️

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