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I’ve been listening to a lot of running podcasts recently (around the house, in the car etc) and there’s one in particular that stood out for me motivationally. It’s on ‘Run Pod’ with Jennie Falconer and her guest was Faisal Abdalla who is a fitness coach. He was saying that the body is capable of doing so much more than we think and that it’s our mind that stops us from actually achieving our true potential. He also gives some hints and tips for reaching our goals and achieve our best performance - just something about the way he was talking made me take an interest and believe in it 😂

So today, I went for w2 r1 of Ju-Jus magic plan with that mantra in my head and it just made me feel invincible - like I could achieve anything! I also managed to run 3.5k in 20 minutes which is quite good for me ☺️

So, if you’re looking for a bit of motivation and positivity, I highly recommend listening to this guy.

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That is so true. The human body is amazing.


Sounds interesting - thanks for sharing.🙂


Your podcast must have struck a chord with you and gave you a brilliant positive attitude. In return you had great run.

I've always listened to music but after reading this I may give a podcast a go. 😊

Yes, I’ve listened to some of them. They’re currently doing their own version of C25K.


Brilliant time for your run, that podcast obviously got you fired up. Well done.


It’s so true. Last year I knocked 10 minutes off my 5K time. I went from a parkrun time of 35 minutes last January to 25 minutes in August. Mind you I lost 2 stone along the way which helped. But there were loads of times in the last 2K at parkrun last year where I was fighting against my brain. It was screaming at me to take a walking break, whilst I was screaming at my brain to shut up. I got used to pushing through the pain and would be rewarded with a new PB.



I like listening to running podcasts, I have not heard about this one so thank you for the tip :) I've previously listened to "Free Weekly Timed" which is a parkrun podcast, and also some episodes from "Runner's World" which is great.


I've been listening to RunPod podcasts while running but haven't listened to this one yet... I'll look forward to it!!


I’ve just listened to my first podcast which was by Jake Lowe, or as he calls it his plodcast, he is very interesting. The one he did with Ben401 was really inspirational , would recommend totally. Have a listen at Running with Jake 😉


Brilliant, thank you I’ll have a listen! I’ve been listening to podcasts on my longer runs, mainly The guilty feminist, but I’ve just tried listening to an audiobook and that was quite good except I got annoyed when my Garmin interrupted the book to tell me my pace! 😂

I have never tried a podcast! Excuse my ignorance but do you download them prior to running??

Runnf in reply to Annieapple

You don't have to, but I usually do because then if my internet coverage wavers it doesn't affect my listening. There are apps which let you download a variety of podcasts to them, I use Overcast & lots of people use Stitcher.

Annieapple in reply to Runnf

So helpful! Thank you 😊

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