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Wk1r3 of juju’s Plan, 5.5k


Already done the speed and stamina podcasts this week and I struggle with the slow start to stepping by stones so I googled 160bpm running tracks and downloaded an hour long mix.

You gotta love dance/house/ techno or you’ll hate this, but I find I can ignore almost anything to concentrate on getting my feet in time with the beat.

Lovely sunny morning, unusual for me as I’m never usually awake at 08:30, never mind leaving the house in my trainers. Lots of joggers out round the lake today, even an old guy doing ti-chi on the path in the sunshine.

Run wasn’t too bad, had bits that were a struggle and bits where I felt like I was floating on air when the music hit that sweet spot.

Just as My watch said the 5.5k was 96% complete it launched into a rousing mix of Carmina Burana which I thought was a nice way to cross the finish line 🙂

I don’t seem to be getting any quicker, in fact the stats say my km pace fell from 7:11 to 8:28 throughout the Run although my bpm stayed pretty much on the music. I do really shorten my stride when the going gets tough 🙂

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Brilliant, well done.... another run bites the dust 💥

Well done you! It is so good to read of your progress! 😊


I did this yesterday with a PodRunner podcast that I refer to as "musical dog waste". 150 BPM not 160.

My brain melted. And now my knee hurts.

Are you on W3 now?

Lovely post again!!

YoureDoingGreatPetGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

My next run is wk3 r3, a 7k. I think I’ll leave it till Tuesday. An extra rest day never hurts 🙂

I usually go with 2 pod runner podcasts, one at 155 and 1 at 160, then I can slow it down if I’m not feeling it 🙂

Hi, I listened to that podcast yesterday when I did my run using Stepping Stones. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep up with the beat but I gave it a go.🙂

That was dance/house/techno was it? 😉 I’m afraid I’m not a fan. I had no idea what was going on and I couldn’t identify any beat to it at all. I’m probably an old dinosaur 🦖🦕 so no great surprise there. 😊

It would nice if there was something else out there with the same beat from the 60s, 70s or 80s that I might be able to relate to 🙂 Any suggestions, anyone?

YoureDoingGreatPetGraduate10 in reply to David_G

There is an app called Pace DJ that adjusts the tempo of the music stored on your phone, so in theory you could listen to what you like at whatever tempo you need.

I couldn’t get it to work tho 🤣

I like running to music I like if I’m just aiming to cover distance, but I find if I want to try and beat my pb at parkrun rather than dawdling along, I need a beat to stick to.

I found a website called Podrunner.com. The music on there is more dance/house/trance, but the good part is, there are loads of free to download tracks, each about an hour long at whatever pace you want.

Thanks, I’ll have a look at that! 😀

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