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Plan sort of working - sort of

Thanks to inspiration from Maztink and others on these fora - my sort of post-grad plan is sort of shaping up. Idea was to repeat C25k, this time using Laura podcast and jog the walking bits and run the running bits. Mr Gillma joined in (a good thing) and made getting out of the house and coping with synchronising podcasts and our varying paces tricky (a slightly challenging thing but also bonding).

Was worrying I was losing hard-won gains but today ran 32mins (alone, with my old app coach Sarah Millican) in alternating rain, wind and sun, so feel I am still post-graduate.

Am thinking that one recent person's post (will try to credit) about volume of running bears study. And I could carry on with C25k repeat (we are on w2 currently) and start dropping in more demanding solo runs in between. And maybe try stepping stones again (couldn't manage it the other day).

This might mean that C25k repeat becomes a sort of rest day activity. Mmmm, not sure how wise this is. Any thoughts, welcome. TIA - and run happy!

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Hi if you mean Bluebirdrunner excellent post on consolidation, then that's the lady to credit...

My aim is consolidation at around 5k running, I am gradually increasing distance now just touching 6k after 3 weeks post graduation. I too looked at the stepping stones and it doesn't feel as though I am ready for that yet at all. So my next plan is to do exactly what you are on jogging the walking bits and sprinting the run.

I don't know if it's wise or not but I thought the main thing wasn't to go too crazy on distance and speed as a combination, but gradually ramp up my efforts.

As your plan looks remarkably like mine or in fact mine looks like yours to be more honest, I'm probably not the best judge, but the only thing I wonder about too, is whether personally I am being too cautious and could actually tackle stepping stones, but I don't like the look of it at present. Maybe a more experienced graduate has ideas?

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Yes, do the c25k repeat, do the longer 30 min solo runs ( because you canπŸ˜†) and also do the stepping stones...

BUT still take at least one rest day between run days..this can all be spread out, you do not have to run every other day.

Sonetimes having a few days rest results in a pb and a lovely relaxed run.

What I'm saying is enjoy your running, make it something fun that you do, not something you * have* to do😊..

Sounds like you have it right Gillma, and its great Mr. G is running too.xx

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Ok - I suspected as much. Thanks JNR. Have checked out your 'consolidation' post, thanks to pointer from JCR - which was v helpful. Thanks for that, too. Can't now find who posted about 'volume ' running. Yes, it's great about Mr G who is re-finding muscles after nasty auto immune disease. We are both so grateful for this programme and the people in the fora. One question: neither of the historic links to the Sami Murphy 'bridge' podcasts now yield anything and google has no clues. Any ideas? TIA


Try dropbox.com/sh/1tqm59u6zwwl...

It is on a post by indiewaif three years ago but I can still open it..at the moment.

AndyD is very knowledgeable about these links and has been very helpful in the past.

*DO NOT treat this like c25k and do three week 1 runs(etc) in one week. Its too much and we have had people injured and on crutches...

This is hard and too much.

Do one Sammi run, then do a c2k+run or w9 run and a shorter one to mix it up. Remember the 10% rule.

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Fab. Thanks. That link worked. Bit scared of it for now but will circle round the idea for a bit. Warning noted.

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I have been using the music just to run to, to do a 5k say or 30 min run. Ignore the run/walk bits as 4 x 10 is a bit much until your 30 min non stop is well and truly consolidated..

Im glad it worked for you, and that you are being careful.😊


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