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Week4/run1 jujus plan


I am off to Fingles Bridge on Dartmoor National Park today so I got my run in early this morning. It’s so much cooler at 5.30!! I listened to the Bridge to 10k podcast for a change. The one with 10 min run , 1 min walk repeated 4 times but found I didn’t want to walk when it got to the first one so apart from a 15 second walk on the end of an interminable slope I ran all the way. But it was nice to listen to some different music. Not my taste exactly but good to run to.

I did my usual 5k run, not very imaginative really. I tend to stick to what I can reach from my house. I’m hoping when the weather cools I can start using my bus pass up go further afield and run back home but today it was local.

It all went nice and easily until the aforementioned slope. It’s a long road past the Secondary school and it only slopes a bit but it goes on and on and this morning I gave in and walked the last bit. Then off down the other side and down Abbey Road, through the cut through which was a real heattrap this morning, and back out onto Pottington Road and the home straight.

The sun was just at the wrong height and in my eyes and on the way out I had been dodging cherry stones, the birds had obviously been having fun along the row of ornamental cherry trees by the side of the road and the pavement was littered with the stones. With the sun in my eyes I was very wary of slipping on them so I slowed down a bit. Shame really as I think, looking at my time apart from that bit , that I’d have beaten my time for 5k otherwise. Never mind there’s always next week!! 😜

And then normally one of the best bits of my run is getting home and having a shower!! After my run this morning I ended up boiling a kettle and then taking a bowl and jug upstairs with me, filling the bowl from the kettle, boiling another kettle and taking that upstairs, then kneeling in the bath, washing my hair with jug and bowl, then washing myself, then filling bowl with second kettle to rinse hair and finally standing up to tip the water over myself to rinse me.

I had a Smart meter fitted on Wednesday, they had to turn the gas and electric off while doing so. When they turned them back on they couldn’t get the back boiler to relight ( in fairness there have been issues relighting it for years but it always does eventually.... but not this time). “ why not use the electric immersion? “ they said. I would ....but it’s been disconnected.

The first gasman who was supposed to be coming Thursday then Friday let me down so I am waiting for a guy who is coming this morning at 9.

So I did my 5k at 5.30 and then reverted to my childhood with the bowl and jug.

Quite refreshing actually 😁

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Nice run! I don’t know how you can get up at that time! 😀

limberlou in reply to _SimonT_

I was awake before 5, I am most mornings. Doesn’t matter what time I go to bed


Lovely morning run. Urgh about the shower!! 😁


Great going getting out so early. I managed a 5 am start a couple of times this week but the last two runs have dragged past 7am and it's already too hot by then.

Loving the war time wash routine :)


5.30am - thats impressive! 👍 😀 I've manged 6.30am earlier this week, that was a bit of a struggle but once you are out there early mornings are a great time to run especially this weather.

limberlou in reply to orangeguy

Yup. The run was lovely but j have sprained my ankle this afternoon walking. It was very stoney underfoot and I was watching where I was walking but stood on a stone which rocked and I did a slow motion fall flat my face.

I have a scrape and a lump like an egg on my inner left wrist, and a swollen right ankle and a couple of bruises up my thigh. Shame as it was a lovely day out but it stiffened up like mad in the hour long journey back

Hope it’s better to run on soon as I’ve signed up to run 50 miles throughout July


Take care, hope you are feeling better soon.... I know sprains can be really painful if they are bad ones.

limberlou in reply to orangeguy

We stopped on the way back to get an ice cream and I could hardly stand on it. Unfortunately it was me driving too. ☹️😫

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