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New trainers, new 10K PB


Having been increasing the frequency of my runs to three a week and starting to feel relatively comfortable with the 10K I decided it was time to get some proper running shoes.

Went to a well recommended local shop who check your gait and give me a number of different trainers to try until you find the right ones for you. £120 later (gulp) and I am very pleased with the Brooks Ghost 10, finding they definitely provide more cushioning and a better fit that my previous pair.

Had a nice run this morning and pushed myself more from the outset to knock just over 50 seconds of my previous PB :-)

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The Ghost is a very popular shoe so you should be fine with it

Have fun. Take it steady! 👍🙂


Thats a decent pace. Well done 🙂


That's going some! You're only 3 seconds off my best time per km for a 6k, and that was hard work!

jcborden in reply to MikeJones68

I have to say it was hard work and near the end I had one moment where I thought I might throw up lol, but thankfully not.

I'm not sure where to aim next, don't think I can go any quicker so do I run longer or try get comfortable around this pace?

MikeJones68Graduate10 in reply to jcborden

I'd be more than happy with that pace for 10k. I've just got back from a lunchtime 6.5k and we did that at 4:48/km. That was very hard going.

Wow, that’s an excellent 10k time. That £120 was well spent. 👍🏽

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