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Do I need new trainers


I graduated from c25k in July and have since done a 10k in sept and am doing a half marathon next Sunday. But all of a sudden I’m getting blisters and I’ve had my trainers since July. Hi he tread looks like this. Do you think I need a new pair or am I over thinking it? Any answers appreciated

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I’m sorry I can’t advise as I am still in my first ever pair (bought this year) but am interested in responses as mine might be approaching end of life. How many kms/miles have you run in total?


Yes! The will be ok for a few more 5ks but they are not going to be any good for you for a HM

Time to treat yourself :-) - at least you asked now, you will have time to get used to the new ones!

Also - if you haven't already make sure you have proper running socks! They keep your feet dry and prevent friction, etc - very important when covering longer distances

Good luck with the HM too :-)


Is half marathon on 24th or 1st, if by next sunday you mean the one in 3 days time sounds like a risk to run that distance in brand new shoes but I've no experience. Interesting to hear what others think

RunaroundSueGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

That's what I thought Grannyhugs


Normally running shoes should last a year or 400-500 miles- depending on your build, running style etc., I’d advise going to a proper running store, take your shoes with you and get a gait analysis. They should be able to give you advice.

Personally, I think they look fine, there’s a reason they have those different colours on the bottom, for example, I’ve got an area that’s wearing through to the colour underneath - mind you, I have had this pair nearly a year, done around 500 miles in them as well,

Plus if you’re upping your distances in preparation for a HM, that could be the reason you’re getting blisters, feet getting hot, swelling etc., the shoes might not be the right size for you, e.g the brand I have I wear 2 sizes bigger than my normal shoe size.

I would strongly recommend going to a proper running store and get some advice.



HI, if you are preparing a half marathon, have you been increasing the length of your runs lately? For longer runs, your feet might be getting a bit larger during the run, leading to new contact points with your shoes and blisters. Does it happen all the time or only for the long runs?

Otherwise, I would go with the advice of going to a proper shop with your running shoes. They will be able to tell you. The sole is not the only indication of use, check this link (posted originally by ju-ju I think)


You can keep track of your trainer mileage then you have an idea when they’re due for retiring

I started wearing a pair of shoes in June and they’re done. Tops and bottoms

If they don’t have holes in the tops or soles, and still have bounce then they’re probably ok Only you know how they feel though, and if you feel they’re finished then go shopping They don’t have to cost a fortune if you get earlier models rather than current ones 🙂

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

After writing this last night I picked up my book and it was on about cushioned shoes being bad for us and we should run on minimal shoes, and that we were better off on worn, flatter shoes 🤷‍♀️ 😁

My ones which have holey soles are still going in the bin 😃


I track mine on Garmin Connect. I have them linked to my watch. I aim to get approx 800 kilometres from a pair of running shoes which is about 1 year for me at the moment. I only use them for running.

Invest in a few good pairs of running socks. I use Hilly for longer runs. They are great for preventing blisters and cheaper than buying new runners.


misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to damienair

I have two pairs of hilly socks but I still get blisters 😖.

damienairGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

🤦🏻‍♂️ oh no. I never get blisters. But I don’t run long distances either. 13-14K is the longest I’d do.

misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to damienair

I get them really easily My worst ones from the Altra’s which I bought for more toe room 🙈


I don’t know about the shoes but agree with the folks who say consider socks as well for the blisters. I have some great toe socks from Injinji that I would recommend but lots of companies make good socks. I needed different ones even moving from 5K to 10k. Feet are funny, sensitive things!! 🤣

Buddy34Graduate10 in reply to Granspeed

What socks did you buy can you post a link 😊

GranspeedGraduate10 in reply to Buddy34

I got double skin ones from Hilly and some merino ones from dhb. Now I’m looking to get some compression toe socks from Injinji, but waiting for Christmas list! I had summer toe socks from them and love them best of all, but need more padding and warmth for the longer runs in cold & wet. Who knew this lark would lead to a wardrobe of specialised socks? Ai yi yi, what have I become? 😳


You've pipped me to the running shoes look great, tread is wearing but still there but I can feel a difference in the balls of my feet. Wonder if new insoles will buy sometime but, I've had them over a year so I guess they're approaching retirement?!


First of all well done u! Graduation in July and first HM looming is excellent progress. 👍😊👌. Good luck on Sunday and enjoy it

Trainers I'm not too sure, sorry


I’ve read advice that you should get your next pair of shoes before you wear out the current pair so that you can alternate the 2 pairs to start with. You will be able to tell when the old pair should be retired. If you go to a good running shop, they will advise and show you running socks. I’ve found my original socks are no longer suitable for running long distances and will be buying double layer or padded ones soon.


Not by those treads - fine for a while yet

Try some different socks. Maybe injinji or double layer ones?

1985lad in reply to Tasha99

Thanks I will try them. Just really scared of getting injured before my first half marathon next Sunday!


Shoe distance tracking is a good guide to indicate when to put shoes into retirement.

Also age of shoes. Not a problem in your case but be aware that foam and padding can degrade even when sat on the shelf.

Which leads on to the point made in a reply above. Try to get a new pair of shoes before the old ones NEED replacing, so you can slowly introduce the new pair.

🎅🐱 Xmas Katnap 🐱🎅

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