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Bridge to 10k app.wanted advice


His I graduated from couch to 5k a monto ago and have just been increasing my distance slowly to about 6k or 6.5k 3 times a week but I miss having MichaelJohnson on the app that used to be really reassuring and I like the time checks and advice.

Can someone please advise if there is a one you bridge to 10k app please as I think I must be mad but I'm hoping to sign up for the 10k race locally in July

Thanks in advance

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I use the Nike run club app. You can tell it at the beginning how far or for how long you want to run and then it talks to you and motivates you as you go round. Not quite MJ but a start 😉


Check out Ju ju's up to 10k program. You can make up a really good playlist, then have Mapmyrun telling you your distance or I am using zombiesRun! with my music too at the moment...

Its good fun and will get you up to 10k😊x

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Bluebirdrunner has given you the link to Ju Ju.... there is also the Sami Murphy 10K programme, which I did the first time .. I then used Ju-jus plan which is fantastic:)

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I used the Sami Murphy plan which has her telling you when to run and when to walk. I needed that voice in my ear telling me what to do. Hare taste in music is also much better thanks Laura’s on the C25K podcast! 😂 (no offence to Laura)

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