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Last run of week 2


A tidy 5k along the usual country road, with the added bonus of mr catbee’s company! I usually run on my own with my music so it was very different (it wasn’t awful!) having him along. He did the program too but hasn’t been as consistent at maintaining it due to a gouty/arthritic toe, so he had to stop a couple of times whereas I could keep running...*insert smug face* 😬

Anyway it was fun having his company and he said he enjoyed it too (especially running behind me 😱 🍑)

Hope y’all can get out too, happy running! X

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Well done! 😃

I have the same condition! Had it for many years and keep the pain at bay with a daily fish Oil omega 3 capsule. If I forget it my painful toe reminds me 😫 it’s not painful at all usually 😃👍

Catbee in reply to misswobble

Oh that’s interesting...I’ll mention it to him! Thanks x

Well done Catbee and good that you had Mr C along with you. I’d love it if Mr R could run with me but he’s got seriously arthritic knees so it’s not going to happen. But he has made similar comments to Mr C when following me on his bike.

Oh, what are they like. ☺️

Catbee in reply to Razouski

I know 🙄 but if it gets him running more then I’ll put up with it 🤣


ahaha It seems that some of our fellows find the runners and the running outfits more sexy than mini-skirts... Well done for this run, Catbee! I like to run with my buddy even if I know he's making a lot of efforts to slow down to keep me company (but he pretends that it suits him fine...). I said I would run the 10K with him. We'll see.

Happy Bunny Easter weekend!

Catbee in reply to Anthie

Thanks and it’s a first for us! Have a lovely Easter too 🐣 x


Go you.... well done:) Tell Mr Catbee he had better behave himself

Catbee in reply to Oldfloss

🤣 if it gets him to run more I can put up with his ogling! 🙄

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Catbee

Go girl... got it.. flaunt it and use it:)

Catbee in reply to Oldfloss


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