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10k plan - week 6 - 9km done 😊

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Woohoo - I just did 9km!

Set off feeling strong, then at 1.5km, my music gave up which threw me a bit, so I had a short stop to try to fix it, but no luck. Contemplated going home but decided to push on. The first 4.5km seemed quite pleasant, but I had a wobble between 5&6km, which was the new additional bit of my route. After a couple of walking breaks, I seemed to get a second wind for the last 3km. Total time 66mins, which I am pretty chuffed with.

4 Replies
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Wow! You did so great. You really have this, 10k here you come!



Well done, especially without the music! Enjoy and 10K here we come ;-)


Well done, it's a great feeling when it is done.


Well done SueKen...great run, and now you know you will do 10k!

Good luck😊x

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