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Short breath breaks!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is well.

So my question is when I come to do my 10k if I stop at every 3k for a quick breath break or even after 5k that wouldn’t be cheating would it?. Don’t get me wrong I intend to run as much of it as possible if not all without having to stop but I’d like just to know that there is a small option.😀😀 Thanks......

Happy running and take care all🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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You can do it as you wish, take your time and get used to the distance; then see if you can do the full 10k without stopping*. Remember your 10k should be done at a slower pace than 5k to start with.

* having to wait to cross the road etc doesn’t count as a stop unless you want it to.

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Thank you! 😀😀

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Stop for a breather when you need to

It will save your ass 👍

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Ha! ha! thanks misswobble that’s a winner! I shall do that because my ass needs to be saved!🤣🤣👍

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We are never really competing against anyone other than ourselves when running albeit many of us do get caught in the trap of chasing times and distances we see others achieving, sadly that is the danger of ego. So if you want to walk then by all means walk, but controversially maybe, I think we are here to run and I think by walking or falling in to the trap of believing we need to walk we then limit ourselves from achieving what we really want ie to run continuously.

Running is such a mental activity though. I find it really hard to start again after stopping and thus find the start stop routine quite detrimental to what I'm trying to achieve. I have run faster doing this ie sprint walk, sprint walk over just run, but I have never run further doing it.

I guess what I should be saying is that if it works for you, then do it, noone here has any right to judge you and you're the one holding the yardstick. Just be cautious that it doesn't become a trap that you then have to struggle to get out of later. I'd also posit that if you really need to walk, then your probably not ready for the distance or you are running too quickly and you should consider alternatives.

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Thanks for that post Pink. I think personally it’s a confidence thing for me. I know that I am ready but having said that I always tend to doubt my capabilities where running is concerned,and over think things. In my mind I think I’m still in the army and can run good distances,which I used to. But at 60 my body tells me I’m not that same youngster I once was. So honestly? I’m a bit of a scaredy cat hee!

I shall take on board what you have said and thanks.However you are quite right that it can become a trap that one can easily fall into and struggle to get out of.

Where I live is all hills and farms,beautiful but hard going sometimes.I have to make the best of what I have and dig in hard on the hills.

Anyhoo many thanks Pink!😀

Happy running 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

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I'm in awe of people who regularly run up hills. Being in the fens means there aren't many so I don't get any practice. Just to be clear I was trying to say stop and walk if you want to(it's your journey) but don't put the escape route in place before you have tried without it :) . I fell into a period a while back where I was walking sections because my pace became too quick for my ability and I struggled to regulate, then I found I played terrible head games with myself trying not to walk and it all became a slippery slope and this was just doing 5k. I would like to graduate to being able to comfortably stop and take a few pics/ have a breather and then jog onwards without worry.. I suppose that's a mental skill I need to learn :)

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Oh wow Pink! That’s exactly how I get some times especially the bit about your pace being too quick for your ability. That’s happened to me a few times and I think this is great then I have to stop as I’ve just knackered myself out. It is defiantly a metal skill. I need to run slower.hee! Once again Pink thanks so much for input it does mean a great deal 👍👍

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I almost always run/walk my longer weekend runs (anything over 10k). But I run my mid week runs non-stop (anything from 4-7k). That way I know I can still run non-stop, but still get some decent distances in. The most I’ve run non-stop is 12.5 k. The most I’ve run with run/walk is 21.1k. I’m so into this routine now that it would just never occur to me to walk/run mid-week. Both are valid methods. Try what works for you!

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Thank you ! I shall try that if I may and see if that might work to my advantage as that sounds good.👍😀😀

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Pleased to help. It works for me and I don’t feel guilty about run/walk. If Jeff Galloway can do it then so can we!

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I agree with the points Pinkaardvaark makes above, except the conclusion he draws.

I absolutely see the value of doing long runs with little breaks in the middle. Ultra runners don't do their hundred milers without little walk sections or sitting down for a drink every now and then. Weightlifters don't do one set to failure and then stop. Go run for as long as you want. Stop along the way as often as you want to take a breath, take a wee, have a drink or simply stand an enjoy the scenery. It's your run. Doowutchalike.

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Thank you Rignold that sound a great idea too,especially as it’s hilly,farms and fields,with beautiful scenery,where I live.

As I mentioned to Pink I think I’m a bit hard on myself and also my mind thinks I’m still in the army running none stop but my body and age 60 reminds me that actually I’m not hee! hee!

Sometimes I forget just to enjoy it😩😩

Anyhoo many thanks and

Happy running🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

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Take a rest and walk if you need to. Strangely I had my best Park run time yesterday even though I had to walk a couple of times up the hill. It's your run and you just complete how it suits you.

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Many thanks Cornet-Carolyn. I think that’s what I shall do. I think that sometimes I just need to go with the flow and not read too much into it😀😀

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I just want to ask- is breathing something you struggle with when you run?

Not all the time but at the beginning of my run sometimes. I do wonder if it might be the onset of asthma. I have an appointment with doc but not until April.😀😀

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