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7k longest run ever - v happy!


Well I knew this morning as I was trying to get some work done that I was going to attempt it and due to the weather round here and my inability to run on my own outside (accident prone) I went to the gym.

I did think when I got to 4K I could just do another 1K and get the 5K in the bag but was a bit reluctant to save the best/worst for last this week. Was happy with my pace - fairly slow but steady - and the gradient and decided to go for it. Coming up to the 6.5K mark Spotify started playing The Beatles "Back in the USSR" - 'Ha ha topical' I thought and decided to turn up my phone to blast it for extra oomph. Sadly I pressed the emergency stop button on the treadmill instead and spent the next minute flailing around like a mad lobster whilst I tried to reset the machine. Not dignified, not dignified at all. Anyway I reset and ran the rest and visualised the Badedas Man FlickM3 meeting me at the finish. To be fair he wasn't interested and is probably cantering his way up to you right now. I'm just happy I got the long one in the bag this week. :-)

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Well done Emma, but it appears you’re ‘accident prone’ in the gym too 🤪

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to TedG

Haha thanks Ted and yes you’re right. It would appear in accident prone everywhere I go 😊


Well done for getting to 7K and for picking yourself up again 😏 Don't worry, I've done quite a few undignified things in the gym so you're not alone 🙂

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Haha thanks - suspect there will be more from me. 😊


Well done. I did my 7k run this afternoon so i know how you must be feeling.


Well done you, it’s a good feeling isn’t it 😊


Well done Emma!

I struggle on the treadmill partly as I think I'm more likely to have an accident and fall off, and partly as I am expected to behave myself in the gym, which means no expletives, singing aloud or waving my arms about. (In fairness I know that in theory I am supposed to observe the same general rules outdoors...)

7k on a treadmill is impressive stuff though. I am happy to keep going outside but the treadmill gremlins always get the upper hand.

EmmaRunningGraduate10 in reply to HeleneCorsa

Thanks. I’m never sure if I keep the expletives to myself or not and there are certainly some choice facial expressions going on. The aim is to start running outside more (Not today tho as the snow is coming thick and fast)!

HeleneCorsaGraduate10 in reply to EmmaRunning

Staying safe in tricky weather conditions is definitely the no. 1 priority.

My facial expressions are pretty bad too (the mirror is another reason I am not a treadmill fan!)

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