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Another recovery run: 7k this time


Hello running friends!

Just a quick post from me. I really enjoyed the opportunity to go out for a little run this morning. The weather was perfect, a slight chill in the air but bright, and the ground was dry under foot. As my dodgy left leg is still recovering from whatever was up with it, I decided to do a gentle few k. That turned in to a shortened version of my 10k route, with some hills and variety, but nothing I felt I couldn't cope with.

The run was great. I kept it nice and steady, and did 7k in about 50 minutes, which I'm happy with. I've run that sort of distance at a faster pace before, but this I really enjoyed. Just something about running in the cool and the sunshine really lifted my spirits.

In an ideal world I think I'd be running more often, and once my left leg is back to full strength I'm sure I will, but for now I'm just happy running when I can. Doing 7k today has really cheered me up, because I know I can still do it!

Have a great day everyone,


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A great start to the weekend - well done

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It feels good to get back out there with a decent length run Richard, thanks :)


A super run Neil...Taking it at a happy pace is just great and your run sounds just fine. I did similarly last week...7K in 50 minutes:) :), well done you!

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I tell you what, it’s so much more enjoyable at a more sensible pace. What’s striking is how much less my legs are screaming at me having taken it more sedately. It makes sense I suppose, if you’re always running at your limit, always pushing it, it will most likely hurt a bit :)

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True, very true.. and weirdly.. when you are not looking for speed... guess what... it often just happens! I have to take it gently so I can take everything in :)


Fabulous Neil! 💪🏼

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Thank you! I was still thinking of you, trying to apply some of those Chi techniques lol

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Great! Also try glute activation. I must look a right sight running! 😂😂😂


Sounds just lovely 🙂

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I really enjoyed the change of route actually. I didn't vary it much, but it added a little interest, which I really appreciated. The slower pace meant I had time to enjoy the countryside instead of just concentrating on the running.


I love how a “little run” turned into 7km! 😂 Glad it went well buddy, and that you had an enjoyable run. It sounds heavenly. I am getting so much pleasure from dialling down the pace a bit. Tomorrow I am going out for a slow run - no idea how far, maybe for as long as it feels good. 😊

Hope your leg is feeling 💯 % again soon.

Sadie xxx

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Yeah, I needed a long-ish but gentle run. I really enjoyed it. I felt I could have gone much further if it wasn't for my misbehaving left leg. But it was fun!! I think I'm going to have to be sensible and go back to the doctor though, my left leg is quite uncomfortable tonight.

I can't wait to hear how you get on with your run. Even when you have a "bad" run, you're still really positive, you know I take a lot of inspiration from you.

I'll get there with this leg thing, there has to be an answer somewhere. If I don't run for a few days it improves, but then I feel my mood getting worse, so it's a balancing act. At the moment I'd rather have the pain than risk feeling how I was mentally a few months back.

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Yes, definitely go back to your doctor, I agree, there is definitely got to be a reason/an answer to all of this. One of my legs is weaker/more prone to pain/niggles than the other (my right) and my sports massage guy says everyone has a weaker side. Could you persuade your GP to refer you to a physio? They are much better at determining causes than a GP. Sometimes you do have to fight for a referral - but you have a good case.

Running twice a week is good, so don’t worry about that. Or keeping it gentle and slow until you get fixed. You are doing great, runner. 😘


Oh my goodness, 7km as a recovery run! I've only just got up to doing 7km and I see it as a LONG run. Well done.

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Well I managed 12.5k before I broke myself, for me the Bridge to 10k plan was so much fun.I was half thinking of entering the Manchester HM in October, but no way that's happening now :( 5k feels too short now, 7k seemed like a good distance. I was slower than usual, but I'm trying to getting my leg better with staving off depression, hence I'm slowing down when I can.

I think when you start to do 8 and 9k something may well just click, and you'll find a runing technique than you can apply to longer distances. I skipped 9k because I just kept going, the technique whatever-it-was worked. It's about running at a pace you can sustain for long periods. I truly believe if I hadn't broken myself I could possibly have been doing 15k+ by now.

Anyway, I'll stop waffling. Well done on your 7k and all the best for the rest of the programme :)

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Hope you mend well and are back up to pace soon 🏃


Well done Neil , your recovery is coming along nicely. 🏃‍♂️👏

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Sort of! Hurting a bit tonight but at least I got to run. Can’t seem to manage more than 2 runs a week at the moment... but at least it’s better than no runs :)


That sounds like one of your most enjoyable runs. I love running this time of year. I love the fresh cooler air and seeing the changing colours on the trees. The kids are back at school and my time is my own once more. Ahhh....

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It was thank you. Hadn’t realised how enjoyable running would be at this time of year. Just wish my leg would stop playing up .

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7k Would be long enough to clear my head. Go with it!

Lovely post Neil, running in the autumn is lovely when it's sunny and cool, I agree. Isn't it strange that we now think of 7k being a shorter run, who'd have thought that when we first started C25K ..?

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Yep, that is strange! Good on you 👍


Great that you enjoyed your slow? recovery? run Neill. Have you tried Epsom salts baths, icing and rolling for that leg of yours? I do that after a long run and it helps. I have ongoing niggles that move around from calf to knee to peroneal tendon - all related to running form no doubt. I think it's normal to be honest but what do I know?


I really believe that as runners we should make sure that sometimes we run for the love of running! Certainly a sensible choice if you have niggles - the injury couch is a very frustrating place to be. And anyway, nothing wrong with a 7k in 50 mins🙂


Well done Neil it sounds like you had yourself just the right sort of run there. I find trying to go too fast for me takes away any pleasure but at my happy pace I’m ,well...happy lol. So pleased to hear how the running helps with your mood but sorry that you have a niggling leg,good luck 👍😀

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Thanks Bry, it’s so true, slower running is happier running! Though sadly today the niggly leg got the better of me and I aborted my run after a minute. No point making it worse. Off to the doc for me this week I think!


Well done Neil, of course it’s still in there! You’re a proper runner remember and that’s not going disappear any time soon is it?? Running in any weather is good for lifting the spirits and it sounds like a slower pace worked for you because you took everything in around you...always good for the soul x

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Thanks MC, yes the 7k was so much fun. Definitely good for the soul. Since then I’ve not actually run, random pain in left leg, I tried a run on Sunday and aborted it due to pain. I know rest will sort it, but I’m seeing the GP and hopefully a physio to try to get to the root of it. Wish me luck!!

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All the luck I’m the world x

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Thanks! I shall post an update tomorrow:)

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