Day went pear shaped, but I squished in a 7k anyway

Day went pear shaped, but I squished in a 7k anyway

It was gorgeous and sunny again here this morning, and I had planned to get out before lunch, but what with one thing and another that just didn’t happen.

Instead I finally managed to get out with just enough time to squash in a run by the river, this evening, before fetching my eldest grandsprocket for one of his regular sleepovers.

According to my car it was 4.5 degrees outside, so I was glad I’d opted to wear 2 layers and a Buff as my MyAsics plan wanted me to aim for a pace that was something between 8 and 9 /km.

The moon was out, but it wasn’t quite bright enough to see without extra light, but my chest torch did its usual great job, so I didn’t trip or fall or put my feet in any holes. Though I think I did frighten some of the local wildlife as I could hear things scurrying around in the bushes.

Picture as proof that I actually ran to plan!

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  • There's lots of scuffling around at the minute. All these furry things must be busy 😏

    Well done on the run Maddee 🙂

  • Thank you 😊

  • It feels great doesn't it when against the odds you get out and squeeze in a run. It has been really cold here too and I was in two layers but I have lost my head band thing. Must find that or get out my new buff.

  • Yes. Especially when you are in two minds about it until the very last possible moment 👍 I wrapped up warm this morning then stepped outside to find it was warmer out than in and had to strip off and redress in the car when I got to where we were running 🤦‍♀️

  • Well done you!!

  • Thanks @ju-ju-

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