Not only did I run 7k again but I went on to 7.5k woohoo!

I have been trying to get out twice a week since graduating but life does get in the way sometimes. So the aim was to keep 5k and increase slowly to 10k. I ran 7k a few weeks ago and was concerned it was a fluke. So today as my hip flexors feel improved I went for it again. Manshape came with me and we did 7.5 k in 47 minutes. I am feeling fantastic!!

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  • Well done Hdoyle. I did the same as you, in fact my final run on the programme was 7k as I kept going through the cool down. 2 weeks later I am running 8.5km and now 5k doesn't feel enough!! It helps to have the further distance so if you are limited to the amount of runs you can fit in some weeks you know you have a really good run behind you.

    Good work! and great time too :)

  • Brilliant run! Well doneπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Well done Hdoyle, that's a good distance and a great time. Very happy to hear it's going so well.

  • Well done!!! I've been doing the same.... I've tried to keep up with one 'normal' 5k, one 5k where I sprint/jog and one longer run. I've got up to 7k but the weather, work and Christmas seem to be against me! I was aiming for 10k by the 25th but not sure I'll make it. Good luck with your training!!!!

  • I have no specific date for reaching 10k but would like to get there in the new year. Im not following any specific training plan but wonder if I should. Are you running to a plan?

  • Not as such! Just following the advice to increase each run I either round up a new extended run by either time or distance. Reason being that some runs might be slower but I'm not penalizing myself if I've been running the longest time I've ever done!!

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