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Day 29 of Core - 32 to go

Day 29 of Core - 32 to go

Exercise 1 routine


7 mins

1 minute of each exercise

( 30 seconds each side if needed)

Squats. Double or single leg


One leg kickbacks

Calf stretch

Hamstring stretch

Buttock stretch

Thigh stretch.

Feel free to double up to 14 mins if you are feeling it today πŸ˜€.

Remember that pain is not acceptable. Push yourself but if it hurts stop.

All these exercises can be found on the NHS WEBSITE. nhs.uk/Livewell/fitness/Pag...

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Done, plus a few extra minutes (planks and tricep exercise).

A question Realfoodieclub - I am a bit confused by the instructions for the squats. '2 sets of 15-24 reps'. Can you explain the 'set' - is it simply squat down, then stand up = 1 set? Also is the squat position 'held' and if so for how long? I have seen videos of people doing squats and they bend and straighten legs quite quickly. I have been holding the squat position! Thank you! :)


I have always done squats up and then down in a controlled motion, no holding as such. I was going for 1 Min of squats up and down as slow and as far down that is comfortable without pain but you can feel it working the muscle. I was always taught to start like you are going to sit down so you feel it in the glutes rather than the thighs first. Does that make sense.

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Ahh, got it! That makes sense, thank you very much πŸ‘πŸ˜€


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