Dynamic Core Exercise 1 - Feel free to Join

Dynamic Core Exercise  1 - Feel free to Join

Let's start off with a lunge. I picked this one for this week because you can do it anywhere anytime so it will help us get a little routine going, to see when it fits in best within everybody's schedules. I'm thinking three times a week for 1-2 mins. At class we did 1 min each leg. If I remember they started us on 45 seconds for the first session. So start within your own capabilities. Any discomfort then only do the movement to just before it starts. It is better with these exercises to do less and build up than over do them. Trust me, on some of the excises I didn't look like I was doing anything in week one but by the end I was doing it properly. Don't push yourself too hard as you can injure.

I am attaching

a photo from the booklet

A link to the booklet

Some links to you tube videos to help with form

If you are doing your first lunge ever this is a good video to watch.

This one is talking through the exercise from the booklet

Booklet from Guys Physio


Have fun and don't forget to let us all know how your getting on this week

Next week we will add another exercise in.

Happy healthy week to you all.

Ps, don't forget, don't do anything that is painful and look after yourself, normal precautions with exercise apply.

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  • Thanks for this RFC... I am just going to have a go! x


    When do I get to look like the young lady, Daisy, in the video :)

  • Hehe, can't answer that I'm still waiting πŸ˜€. Have fun. Xxx

  • OOh! Is this something new? Have I missed this? Sounds great! Thanks RFC

  • Oh this looks good. These are exercises that I forget to do so maybe this will help me out! Mind you I may have to start later this week as I am on the sickness couch and don't fancy an accident.....

  • Oh, only just seeing this now and I'm already in bed. Will have a look tomorrow RFC. Count me in!

  • Brilliant! Thanks, Rfc!

  • Thanks RFC ... Will add some of these to my daily squats :-)

  • Definitely going to give this a go, thanks RFC x

  • Lunges are a great exercise. One of the best for the legs after skwaats. I would disagree with that picture though: I would not recommend progressing to using additional weights until you can perform normal lunges to full range of motion (ie rear knee coming to, or close to floor). Adding weight when you do not have the strength/ flexibilty is a very bad move

  • Been doing these on my rest days. I think my knees are knackered (but as long as they don't hurt when I'm running I can live with it). Got further on the second day and will persist. Who knows, I might even get fit!

  • Brilliant! Just what a need to get me motivated. Had a mad, stressful week so only just noticed post but will get started on the lunges now while dinner cooks! 😁 Thank you VERY much Realfoodieclub

  • I'm going to try following this (& future) exercise(s), but will have to start tomorrow, as I've only just seen this now...

  • Thanks for this - brilliant timing as I have had several bouts of backache over the summer and had decided that I needed to start working on my core strength. I think I am much more likely to stick with it by adding the exercises in one at a time. Here goes !!

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