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I did my first 7k run!!

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Hi all.

I’m still running!

Running three times a week, was still doing 5k but on Sat morning, I thought I’d try a bit longer. I managed 7k in about 50 mins. (Still Work to do I know) but i was really pleased with myself. I’m aiming for 10K now!!

It’s getting harder with the cold & dark but I’m sticking with it. Need a decent head torch & do any of you use any other lights (so as to be seen by motorists etc, I run in a rural area)

Just read on another post about a “buff” may try one as I’m asthmatic & the cold air hurts for the first couple of k.

I think I need to think about my clothes & a jacket so as to be prepared for the winter.

I currently just wear leggings & t shirt with a hooded jacket but need to think about layers & warmth & a decent jacket for the rain.

Any tips & advice?

Thanks all & happy winter running 🏃‍♀️

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Regarding a light, I use a chest torch with flashing red light on my back, Decathlon, £29.99, as I too run along rural roads. I imagine a head torch would drive me potty although others get on with them fine. My chest torch lights the way brilliantly when there are no street lights.

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Alpkit, Lenser, Petzyl and Silva make running torches. The prices vary wildly though. it depends on where you’re running. You are going to need more lumens if in blackness My head torch doesn’t move at all! 👍

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misswobbleGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Clothes wise, deffo a Buff. See website movie clip on ways to wear it Lightweight run jacket with pockets and a hood. Reflective too would be good. They are not expensive at all! Peaked cap for rainy runs Gloves! I just got some with reflective windproof backs, also cheap 🙂. You can get winter weight long run tights. I have some Saucony and Ron Hill ones, both with lots of reflective stuff going on. My Saucony shoes are high viz too

I have an Merino long sleeved tee from Aldi 👍. Also have some merino boxers now to keeps my hips and butt warm

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7k ... well done!

... and my tip, make sure you your top layer has a full length zip so it's easy to take off and tie round your waist if you get too hot.

Happy running!

You can get something like these little blip lights to attach to your kit. If you run with a bumbag for your phone, they'd go well on that.


These are also similar (there are probably a thousand alternatives!!) ...


I run with a headtorch and it was just a cheapish thing from Amazon, but it doesn't jiggle around and the light is pretty useful even for off-road in the dark.

Definitely buy some leggings if you haven't got some already. I recently got some "precision fit" ones from Amazon and at £16 odd they are really good. They fit well, are supportive on the legs and warm. The only thing they're missing is reflective stuff. I do run in a reflective vest though.


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Clothing advice by others above is good.

A bit of training advice. It is recommended that you don't increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% of the total. So if you were doing 3 x 5k per week, you could add 1.5k to one longer run, making 6.5k.

It is a guide but one well worth being aware of when increasing distance.

Well done.

<ahem> 🙄😉

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IannodaTruffeGraduate10 in reply to PetrinaB

Get a reliable timepiece reader...........

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Lisaloopy9Graduate10 in reply to PetrinaB

What does that mean???

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Lisaloopy9Graduate10 in reply to PetrinaB

What does that mean??

Congratulations! Sounds like a great run to me. I just complete the first week of JuJu's Magic Plan to 10k and I'm feeling not so bad. Looking forward to building on my progress.

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