Nice 5k yesterday

Remembrance Day service in the morning, then the afternoon was sunny, cold and breezy so I went out all togged up in long sleeves, jacket, buff, hat and gloves for the first time this autumn. I went through the churchyard, apologies to Decker as I intended to take a photo but my pace looked quite good on my Garmin so I thought I'd keep going and try for a fastest 10k. I finished at 36.36 which is a best time for me apart from one Parkrun which I did in 36.30 but my Garmin clocked it as 4.97k so it didn't count!

Anyway, happy with that! Probably will never get to 30 minutes but I don't really care, I'm enjoying it! 😄

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  • I totally understand and would have done the sane thing! 😁 Great time there!! As long as you are having fun, thats all that matters!

  • Thanks Decker! I'll get that photo one day soon!

  • Sounds like a plan :)

  • The “same” thing is what I meant, but the “sane” thing is usually wise too :)

  • Yup - understood!

  • Well done Joy😊x

  • Thanks Jan, I really enjoyed it too :)

  • Sounds like a great run, if a bit chilly. Well done. ☺👍

  • You can’t beat running through churchyards 😏

    Lovely sounding run there Joy.

  • Thanks - though it's so small, it takes me about 10 seconds to run through! 😄

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