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Structure and Sami Murphy


I have at long last found the structure I needed after completing C25K thanks to Miss Wobble and a few others who have posted about the Sami Murphy Podcasts (I don’t know how to tag - please can someone tell me)

The Sami Murphy podcasts are GREAT and I love the music.

So much so I thought after seeing that KimLoulou had run 10k this week, she motivated me to give it a go too. Thank you Kim for posting!

The advice, support and motivation received from this forum this week has helped me achieve my 2nd 10k so I’m feeling super chuffed !

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Wow...thats fantastic Eleanor😊No wonder you are chuffed deservedly so.

I didn't know Kimloulou had reached 10k so want to say Well Done to her too.

I like using the Sammi music too, and just have it playing while I run, ignoring the walk breaks. Im using Ju-ju's 10k plan, still on Week 1.

Happy Running😊x


Don't forget to ask for your Graduate10 badge on the Pinned posts on this site.😊


Thanks Eleanor, nice we can support each other. I never found another programme after Sarah Milican on C25K i just listen to my spotify playlist "KimRuns" if you want to try it out. Yesterday i didnt intend to run 10k, i have just realised on Strava that a man can tell you the distance and time and i planned to run further than 6.9 which was my longest run. I did leave work early (didn't want to miss Bake Off!) and i just went out and ran. It was a lovely night, before too long i did 5 and just kept pottering around Greenwich Park and then thought i could run to Cutty Sark. I fell at 8k so have a scabby knee , then he said i had ran 9k and then i thought i could do 10k. Been on a high all day. I do have a great motivator as next week working in NY so want to run the Central Park loop and now i know i can!! Have also applied for Greenwich Park 10k November 5th if anyone fancies joining me. Wont run all the way (the hills!!) but i know i can run 10k now in an ok time. I am looking forward to my 2nd 10k on Friday, then on Saturday parkrun, then Monday CENTRAL PARK!! I wish i had started running years ago. I now have a drawer of running gear and just bought some new headphones....

Millsie-J in reply to KimLoulou

That’s a lot of running over a few days, particularly as you are new to 10k. Please do take care.


Well done.

I am glad Sami Murphy works for you Eleanor - any chance you have the link?

EleanorLGraduate10 in reply to Gillma

Jan that runs, can you help with this as I don’t know how to share the link (bit of a technophobe!)

AndyDGraduate10 in reply to Gillma

Have a look here :-)


You can only tag when you’re on the internet & not the app...if you type @ before the name you want to tag, then scroll to the name you want 😉


Glad you're doing well with Sammy Murphy. I've just started using her podcasts too so I feel encouraged by your success. Congratulations!


Yippee! Well done 🙂💪😃👍👍🏃‍♀️

I run to Sami a lot and always if I am on a mission to complete a piece of training, the inspiring lyrics always get me through.

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