In a fit of enthusiasm ( misguided?) this evening I have downloaded the Sami Murphy b2 10k podcasts. I decided to post here rather than on the c25k one for a change.

I'm really excited about a new challenge, although as I have a bit of a sore knee at the moment, I don't know how it will go. As I've been using the stepping stones and stamina podcasts repeatedly, it will be nice to have a change of music!

I don't expect I will ever get to 10k, but I'd like to improve my 5k speed, so this may help. I'll let you know how it goes.

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  • Yes - B210K will improve your 5K pace and

    Yes - you will one day run 10K

  • Thanks B!

  • Hi there...great to see you here :)

    It is very friendly and as supportive as C25K forum.....(in fact I think most of my posts are going to be on here from now on :)

    Good for you on the Sami front! It works.. it got me to 10K! You will enjoy it.

    I started with another programme, but gosh, it annoyed me with its, Little Bunny Rabbits,(don't ask!)

    Like C25K...just slow and steady does it.... it is true... I know I have a reputation for always banging on about it, but it works:) One of the reasons why I am just posting support replies on C25K at the moment, and not posting my runs, is that there seems to be a rise in folk rushing the programme, going faster than needs be and missing runs out, etc etc... and it really worries me...( Yes, I know, I am a real old woman...):)

    You will do this and you will enjoy it..you will reach 10K !!!

    Go for it :)

  • I thought I'd never do 10k too, and originally joined this forum more for the bridge part (to try a little more than 5k e.g. 6k) rather than the 10k part (although of course I've now done 10k several times!). There is lots to do post-5k. Like you I tried the 5k+ podcasts but I also just learned to run more freestyle, and find other people to run with e.g. at parkrun. Enjoy the Sami podcasts and generally working out what to do next :)

  • Why doubt yourself! You will do it! Come on πŸ˜ƒπŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

    Sami M is brill. Hundreds of free tracks, all chosen to inspire a flagging runner. These tunes save lives πŸ˜ƒ

    I got stuck but you just keep plugging away til you push through. It's still the same format you've been used to and Sami tells you what to do. The first run is a bit quiet but it gets sorted and the rest is fine. If you are doing ok with stepping stones, you will be ok with Bridge

    Have fun

  • Nobody more surprised than I that I ever ran 10K let alone within six months of Graduating :) I kind of freelanced it - tried the bridge programme but did not like the walk breaks so first I built up to five miles (8K and a bit) and then one morning, not even going out intending to run 10K everything just felt 'nice and right' at the start point and I kind of knew I could do it. :)

    I like to keep it all loose and fun while building up to the ultimate dream - a Marathon for my 60th in three years time so my experience is probably not too instructive but I do think it is important to keep running fun on some level, some don't mind walking breaks but I didn't and I am sure it will affect my speed have to say too :)

  • Like others I never thought I could run continuously for 5k let alone 10k! I just gradually increased my 'long' run using the stamina podcast (running through the cool down walk and continuing on depending on how I was feeling) but also with no music. 7k, then 8k.....then one day runkeeper said 9k so I plodded on another km and 10k was achieved! You can do it too! :) but like OldFloss says - nice and steady, gradually increase distance being aware of your body, especially your knee, and what it needs. Enjoy your running :)

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