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Another 10k With My Man

Although I was not quite my usual enthusiastic self this morning, and looking out of the window to see a wall of misty foggy stuff didn't help, but I thought I should get myself up and out there. I tentatively asked my man if he fancied accompanying me again on his bike, and he agreed to (if he could have time for his ablutions first). I chose a different route, and once again was filled with pleasure at the variety of different daffodils and narcisis that are blooming everywhere.

It was a hillier route than Saturday, but it was nice to get some encouragement as I pushed my way up, and he was kind enough not to freewheel past me on the downward slopes. He did sprint home at the end when I was on my cool down walk, and I was just about to berate him for it when I got home, when I realised he had a cool glass of water and a steaming cuppa already waiting for me. :-) <3

We managed another 10k today and I was still on Week 3, which I think I have now done about 4 times, and I now feel ready to push on to week 4 of Sami Murphy.

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Your husband always sounds so lovely.


He has his moments...

But he seems to have disassociated himself from the gremlins these days and is being really supportive. :-)


What a lovely hubby! Mine is generally good but he runs faster than me, boohoo. Sounds like a nice run.


Great you're getting this fab support! Are you running 10k every time you go out? I did 10k this morning but couldn't do it more than once a week!


It was 3 17 minute intervals with 1 minute walks in between, plus the 5 minute warm up walk and 5 minute cool down. So the total of walking and running covered 10k, I don't think I could run the full 10k yet.

Last week I ran 1 longish run (about 8k including warm up and cool down) a shorter run of about 5k (on the treadmill) and a longer one about 11k but again included 5 mins warm up, 1minute intervals and a 10 minute cool down walk.

The support is great, although there's a bit of co-dependence as he hasn't done any exercise for yonks, and the doctor has just told him that he needs to do something as his blood pressure is very high and he's overweight. So while he thinks he's supporting me, he's also getting out on his bike (even if it is half the pace we would normally cycle at). ;-)


Good old Sami. She's brill πŸ˜€ Good that you can take your fella out with you πŸ™‚


What a great win win scenario.

Here's to many more bike/runs.

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Great run!

You dont seem to have claimed you 10k badge yet Razouski 😎


Hi Millsie-J I haven't claimed my badge as I can't run 10km yet - working towards it. At the moment I am counting in my warm up walk, cool down walk and walking intervals, as I'm only on week 3 of the Sami Murphy Programme. I'm guessing it will be a while before I can run the full 10k, but looking forward to it.


Sorry i had mis-understood. I think you are not far off now! I used Sami Murphy for a while but after i had covered 8k I ended up running through the walk breaks to get my 10k continuous. You are right to go steady, we need to stay off that ICπŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ


I have spent so much time on the IC that I am taking it really carefully. Thanks for the encouragement though. :-)


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