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What next?


I'm sure this will bore the pants off you all for having been asked a million times but what podcasts should I work with next? I stuck with Laura when others went off the music so want something similar. I know others have mentioned a bridge to 10K with Sami someone but it doesn't appear to be around to download now so is there anything else that you'd recommend? My aim is to consolidate the 30 minute runs eventually building up speed to get that 'elusive 5k in 30 minutes' as I'm 10 minutes off that at the moment. As you hit a target you raise your game so after that the 10K will be my focus. I can honestly say that, for the very first time ever, I actually enjoyed my run today. Never thought I'd say that but it's true. Lots of trials and tribulations on the way but I never gave up!!

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Why not try 5k+ This consists of stepping stones ,stamina and speed. Hope this helps. I've done stepping stones and now I'm doing the speed which I'm finding very good for increasing my speed. Hope this helps 😄😄

Jigglemooce in reply to Hidden

Thank you. Will download those.


SS is fab! I'd do those to death before embarking on Sami Murphy, which is available hereabouts. Someone has filed it somewhere.

Thank you


If you go to search in the Couch to 5K forum (not this one) and put in 'audio podcasts' the top result is a post by andyd called 'audio podcasts for couch to 5k and beyond ' and you can download the Sami Murphy podcasts from there. I'm not clever enough to be able to link to it....

RalphSS8Graduate10 in reply to atomicpiper

Here you go.


Jigglemooce in reply to RalphSS8

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Thanks very much. Found them and works a treat.


I'm with Hidden , give the C25K+ a try. I still use them, especially the Speed podcast. It's nasty... :D

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Anniemurph

..but nice :)

AnniemurphGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Well yes, sort of... :D


C25K+ podcasts are fun.. all different and all helpful in their own way..:)

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