Another defector from Laura to Sami


Just back from my first run without Laura (and of course Julie). For the last week I have been running the week 9 of c25k and was a bit unsure where to go next. I read a couple of posts referring to the Sami / Samantha Murphy podcasts, including misswobblemi who seems to be a fan.. so I thought I'd give it a go. I had a quick listen to Laura's Stepping Stone run but didn't like the idea of sticking to a beat ... I am very slow and on my runs my aim is to finish. I'm always worried about running out of steam and grinding to a halt.

This evening I managed just over 6 k including the warm up and warm down walks. I think i'll stick with Sami for a bit. Shes not as encouraging as Laura ... I miss Laura's "well dones" and "you can do this"!!!

At first I thought that runs and breaks sounded like a step back from the 30 mins continuous runs I've been doing... but I must admit that as I type I am feeling the aches from this session more than I have from the week 9s... although this might be in part due to being dragged round the local shopping center this afternoon by my wife and kids and carrying various children at various times.... ah the joys of being an older dad!

Anyway, I just hope I haven't overdone it for Parkrun on Saturday... I'll just have to see how it goes. I've set myself a goal of combined total 45k for my runs in April on Garmin Connect and only have 8k left to do so I am hoping to beat it.

Happy running ... as Laura used to say...!


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  • I''ll bet there was a time in your not-so-distant past when you would never have dreamed that a day would come when you would run 45 klms in a month :) - and now that you have finished C25K, you really have now only just started

  • Thanks Bazza.. and I just had a quick look at your profile... pretty impressive... I've only gor a couple of 5k Parkruns under my belt and am only just sub 40mins so my next target is to get a few more of those in the bag.

    Regard John

    PS I haven't quite got 8 inches off my waste yet but I had to bodge another hole in my belt a couple of weeks ago!!!!

  • I enjoy the Sami podcasts and tend to take them out on my longer runs. I found the programme itself quite tough - to be honest I didn't finish it. I tended to do only one of the runs a week, mainly due to time constraints. And I found them tiring. But if you persevere you'll get there!

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny.. I think you might be right. I'm just working on a music compilation to put on MP3 player (yes there is someone who doesn't own a smart phone...). My wife is laughing at me as its mostly old man rock Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen featuring promenantly Ha Ha

    Happy Running John

  • You're in good company! That's the kind of thing I have too.

  • Good move! I used Sami to help get me to 10k. But being a little on the mature side (said quietly), i did no more than two of these runs a week, i found the longer runs tiring.

    I actually think the disciplne of making yourself walk and then run again is a good one to build.

    I also used a MyAsics plan to get me through to my first 10k race. I did the distances (often listening to Sami), but as I am a slow runner I could not run the plan's faster pace requirements. No matter, race was done and dusted 👍🏼 I have justed started a new MyAsics for my May 10k race.

    You are doing great! Keep listening to your body and always build slow and steady😀🏃🏻

  • I lurrrrve Sami The music is really varied, and although mostly unfamiliar to me,I now love most of it. Not keen on a Howard Jones and one Madonna track.

    My podcasts and music are on an MP3 and it's just fine! No probs at all. I never had a smart phone either. however, I ordered my very first one just now! EEek! 😃

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