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Holiday diary - Run 7 and Final one!

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Another morning run before breakfast - definitely prefer running at this time. Weather still changeable so hung around a little until the showers finished and then off we went down to the marshes. Sun came out and it felt warm as we ran along the edge of the fields on lovely soft, flat grassy tracks and slippy mud! Next we needed to negotiate the pebbly beach - walking (runkeeper on pause). Several stops to enjoy the view and take photos. Finally a few steps took us up onto a lane and then into the woods. Squiggs enjoyed an explore off the lead while I jogged carefully along the wet, undulating tracks trying to avoid slippery stones and tree roots! It has been very windy here in Somerset so I was not surprised when my path was blocked by a large fallen tree. I clambered over and continued along - this is fun! 😊 A brief stop to admire the view by a well placed log (see photo) and on we went. Out of the woods, across a road and back into the woods again up a steep, rough track. I was determined to keep jogging and with Squiggs' help got to the top where the track levelled out a bit. Finally the track narrowed and dropped down into a lane near the village centre. Luckily there was a stream to wash a rather muddy doggie then a gentle jog back to the house. A relaxing, fun and varied 8.7km in just over an hour. I definitely LOVE trail runs πŸ˜„

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You've definitely mastered the art of finding a real sense of adventure on your runs. I feel like that's what trail running is all about. This week I was on a run where I emerged from a scratchy brambly path into a large field with no obvious path ahead. I just picked a tree in the distance and thought to myself - I'm aiming for that. My pace was really comfortable by then, so I just really went for that tree. There's something so liberating about making decisions as you go along. Part of me still likes a predictable route too though... Good to have all these different options to play with. Keeps it interesting :)

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Yes, it is fun to be spontaneous and make decisions during a run. My holiday runs have certainly been interesting 😁


Sounds and looks beautiful. You never know what you'll find on trail runs, that's what makes it interesting.

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Yes, a beautiful view across the bay 😊


Trail runs are perfect... a simply beautiful post and photograph too!

What a lovely final run... and what a holiday we have had with you!

Thank you for your posts... :)

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Thanks Oldfloss, I have enjoyed writing my holiday diary and had a wonderful time exploring! 😁

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