Stepping stones?

Just wanted to share my run today...So I graduated from C25K on Sunday and today was my first run since then. Leaving the house in darkness this morning with the stepping stones podcast was an experience to say the least! I've been running 30 mins and covering 4K so the podcast felt incredibly fast. Not sure It bears any resemblance to stepping stones! New PB's on Strava so I do feel good that I can run much faster than I thought I could but, my word it was hard work! My breathing was loud and at one point I couldn't imagine making it home. I'm hoping someone will tell me this pace gets easier? Like looking back at C25K W1R1, I'll be amazed at much can be achieved??

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  • Try some 30 minute consolidation runs first maybe... we do recommend this after graduation for a couple of weeks... consolidation runs and different routes and distances... then moving onto the C25K + podcasts...they are tricky and do test our running discipline. So ... maybe, pull back a tad... take some time to consolidate and experiment, then return to these !

  • I tried stepping stones the other eve but I was too tired. Am actually enjoying repeating C25k (with my husband this time) - every now and again I try to go faster and will try stepping stones again soon I think. But I like the slow incremental build of C25k and it's still challenging as I'm running faster.

  • When I graduated, as Oldfloss suggested, I did quite a few consolidation runs using the Week 9 podcast. It was reassuring to have Laura with me for a while. Then weaned myself off Laura by putting together my own playlist. I've used the 5K+ podcasts since then, but only once I felt really confident that 30 mins was well and truly practiced. I like the timings of them but find it difficult to keep to the pace of the music as my own running rhythm is slightly different.

  • They will test you for sure! That's what they are about, leg building is first up with Stepping Stones 🙂🏃‍♀️💪👍✔️

  • I would definitely follow Oldfloss ' advice and consolidate for a few weeks before you move on to speeding up. You need to build your strength and stamina and pushing yourself too much too fast may lead to injury, or may put you off. Remember that the c25k was very carefully calibrated.

    Enjoy your running :)

  • C25k+ is designed to be the follow on 🙂

  • Where is this c25k+? I've searched in the app store, but nuffink there, only other 5-10k ones.

  • They're podcasts rather than apps. I think through the NHS website but I think I found them when someone on here posted the link. I'll see if I can re-find the link and post for you

  • Oh, thank-you so much!


    Try this, not sure if I've managed it properly...

  • Ah, perfect, thanks again, I shall have a little look. Have a lovely weekend.

  • You're welcome. Have a lovely weekend too.

  • Thanks for the replies and advice guys. I'm feeling the effects in my legs still, hopefully I'll have normal walking functionality back tomorrow. Know it's being mentioned, I do remember reading about people consolidating for a few after graduating. It makes sense, I would like to feel like I've truely mastered the run before stepping up to those podcasts again. I think I just panicked in the morning without the reliable Mr Smooth to instruct me!

  • Us smoothies need to get Mr Smooth back in harness.... I'd put him up in my house if accommodation a problem....😉

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