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Stepping stones pacing issues!

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Seriously? Must be SOMEHOW doing it wrong... Off to the beat 1234 1234 123 dammit 1212...1342 ... *******gggggggrrrrr... 123....4.....

Must be dyspraxic??? Gormless? Really. Couldn't get on with it. Seemed to start with a strange loping stride, increasing to a clumsy it just me? Lots of frustrated fiddling to try and turn the damned thing off ...

Now seriously off-stride, and prance off nearly tripping over. At least it's turned off and on my own again thankfully. Pluck out the ear pieces and stumble on,, breathing and pace all over the place.

Flustered, eventually settle down but still mincing along with ragged breath already. Got into it finally at about 3km and glanced at the Garmin...seem to be faster? Finished my 5k and see to some surprise managed 31.29.. Best yet ...

Am pleased with that, ! Every cloud. Still trying to crack that sub 30 time it don't think I can go any faster.... Well maybe next time.

Did anyone else find stepping stones weird? Or is it just me. ๐Ÿ˜

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It is designed to change tempo. It mixes things right up โ˜บ it will get you moving quicker. Stick with them!

I couldn't get my running to go in time with it at all. But I agree re sticking with it. Anything that difficult must benefit you in the end! Great time by the way - especially if you were struggling! I don't know if I'll ever manage a sub 30 min 5k.

I'll give it another whirl... My 'brisk walk' was more like a stroll in the park and the first 'run' didn't even get to a jog, just a slightly faster walk... I'm only 5'6 so haven't got long legs - is this pace right?

ViaM in reply to shinyhappy123

It is right but doesn't suit everybody, you might need something a bit faster?


I tried it once or twice but never got on with it. I found it impossible to run to the beat. Now I have my Garmin FR235, I know why. My running cadence is 180-200 steps per minute, whilst the beat of these podcasts is 150-180 bpm.

I'm not a fast runner, and consequently have a short stride. Fast-forward to the 180bpm part and see if you can run to that.


I find Stepping Stones less easy than Stamina, don't know why, the music probably. Keep going with it though, you'll get there, and they do help. Try Stamina, you might prefer that.


I hated Stepping Stones, especially the early parts. Stamina on the other hand, that's awesome!!

Stamina has a stronger, more consistent beat - that's why it's better. Did it last Tuesday and got a 5k PB.

Gonna try Speed again tomorrow and see if I can complete it properly this time.

I'm going to try the stepping stones one more time, then Stamina. I don't really like running with music to be honest as I find earphones irritating which doesn't help. However, always keen to give it a go. don't knock it till you've tried it, as they say. what's speed like?

I found speed better than stepping stones but i'm not convinced it made me faster... just more knackered! :-)


Tried it just the once never been back to it , stuck with speed though :)


I run the c25k+ and find them easier on some days when I get into a rhythm and harder on others when I can't on others. I have found that even if I cannot get the actual 1234 tempo that I will be running faster than I normally would so still getting a higher intensity workout that if I was just running. I don't particularly worry about it as Laura says a bad run is much better than no run.

shinyhappy123 in reply to Mat30

I see your point. But I was still.....only just more than a stroll in the warm up..! Haven't tri d the stamina yet, was thinking of giving it a blast next week. Not tomorrow as that is my chill out run with my lovely dog ๐Ÿถ

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