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Bridge to 10K
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Stepping Stones...that pave the way

…to having the most knackerising run I’ve had for a while. Me thinks I got too complacent since graduating nearly 3 weeks ago and I know I was just running and not pushing myself. The routes that I take now all include hills, so gone are the heady days of graduating in 38 mins for 5k on mainly flat! But it doesn’t bother me, it’s the being able to run at all that I love. Or is it? Would I like to get faster? So I wondered, ‘shall I take a peek at the next stage’? OK then…just a little peek!

Had a little listen to ‘our Laura’ in C25k+ Stepping Stones and thought to myself ‘that’s about the speed I run now’. Simples! So, put Winny’s collar on, and off we went. Lovely first 10 mins, doing the speed that we generally do – champion! Add on an extra 5 bpm – OK, doable-ish! Add on an extra 10 bpm to my normal and ‘What the …’! Eyeopener alert! Strange feeling when your lungs feel sick I can tell you :o ! Don’t worry, I wasn’t ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, but those extra 10! Sheesh, they reeeeaaallly made me work! Ran through the 5 min cool down walk and kept going to the top gate (it takes 5 mins to walk down the field from the main road anyway) just so that I would get my 5k in.

So ran 5.2k, and averaged 7:52mpk. I am chuffed with that :D . Previously 8:29 and 8:18 which shows me that I was improving anyway, but with ‘our Laura’ pushing me it made me work harder. Think I’m going to continue with Stepping Stones for a while, it’ll make the weight shift quicker too (only need another 1 lb off to be1.5 stones lighter since starting in Jan). I’m so enjoying being able to do this and got my first parkrun in Darlington on Saturday :o ! I'll let you all know how I get on…xx

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Lots of us still use those + podcasts even ages after graduating. I did Stamina this morning! They are hard, well done for getting through it so soon, it took me several weeks to finish. Stamina is my fave, Speed is good too, so give 'em all a go. Enjoy your parkrun! xx


Glad it wasn't just me who found that one a stretch.

Good luck for your inaugural parkrun.


I ran them a lot, got the measure of them, before embarking on Bridge to 10k

I still have the podcasts on my MP3 player and run them if they crop up, and they are still tricky 🙂


I like Speed, and seem to have taken to doing that one on Tuesday evenings. Occasionally a different intervals thing, but it's nice and short and I know I can do it!

I've tried Stepping Stone once since graduating in Jan - hard work and didn't quite go to plan for me. I do need to give it another go soon though.

Stamina - I'm scared of this one! I found it hard a couple of years ago, when I last tried it, and having used it just for timings and some different music to run to, I know I'm a long way off the bpm it asks for at the moment.


Stepping stones is good for a quick run, doesnt matter if you dont run through to the end.. you can build on that over time👍🏼😀


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