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Well, a week of contrasts so far.... went out Monday for my "easy pace" run, and managed to carry on for 62 minutes - first time over an hour - and 8.75km, a new distance record for me.... however, having gone out later than I'd intended last night I had a bit of a mishap.... doing "Sprints" - following a warmup, five sets of 3 mins at 6:00/km, with two minutes recovery in between. At the start of the last sprint, in part because the head torch was messing about (wouldn't stay pointing forwards), I landed with the edge of my foot on the edge of the kerb, and suddenly it was clear that I wasn't going to be running any further.... fortunately I wasn't far from home and walked slowly and carefully back in search of Ibuprofen, Ice, and then some Muscle Rub.

Woken up this morning and the good news is the ankle itself doesn't feel too bad - however, the side of my foot is rather tender, so it looks like I might have damaged a ligament or two.... so it looks like I'm going to have to take a few days to let it get sorted out before I get back on the street. And I'm going to have to get a better head torch!

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Hopefully nothing too serious, couple of days off job :) Well Done on the hour plus run, great one to have in the bag.


Ouch....but well done you!!!


Oops, that was unfortunate. Hopefully just a few days rest and it will be fine. Your legs should be well rested for another hour plus run πŸ˜‰


Hope you haven't done a Bazza (fractured metatarsal)


I'm trying to rest it a bit, and now (36 hours later) it feels a bit tender still but not too bad - no bruising. I'm not about to go and run on it though - I'll see how it is after the weekend! I don't think it's a metatarsal, although it's not impossible....

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