watch out there's a panther lurking in the dark!!

Head torch no worky this morning so I ran without.

Large stretches no light, and no cars as 6am ;(

Juicyju is nuts ( thats what was going through my head).

I loved the feeling of being in complete darkness but had to go soooo slowly as v uneven. I kept wondering how freaked out I would be if bumped into warm flesh..... aghhhhhhhhhh ?!!!thank goodness I haven't bought zombie running yet!!!

I dont recommend it, but at least I had my high vis mesh tabbard on :)

still managed a 5k in just under 30 minutes!!

Check out my tags!!!!!!!!!

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  • Oh goodness - imagine doing that with zombie running as well ! That would be a serious head stress - but you'd probably get an even quicker 5k :-)

  • Thank goodness I don't have a HR monitor it would be through the roof!!!

  • No light is not good Juicy ,even with a head torch still have to be cautious, considering you did 5k in sub 30 that is pretty dam good going :)

  • I was surprised too, I think it was because I sped up in the light parts!!! New torch just arrived :)

  • Ju, that's a mighty fine run! You know, I find it harder to produce decent pace runs when I run alone than in races or Parkruns, so I doff my hat to your sub-30 in the dark!

  • Thank you :)

  • hee hee... and yes I wouldn't recommend it and yes new head torch has arrived and it looks pretty damn good too...its an upgrade :)

  • I've got a head torch and I can't seem to get on with it. I'm hoping that I'll get used to it but at the moment it's not doing me any favours. It feels too big and bulky. It was only a cheap and cheerful job from Mountain Warehouse and I'm now thinking I should have maybe spent a bit more cash.

  • I hate to say it but with head torches its worth spending some cash for the quality etc...however there are some cheap ones that would be more comfy I'm sure. Nothing worse than having to fiddle on a run....

  • Ha ha. You complete nutter! Well done Ju! A girl's gotta do ......

  • precisely :)

  • Only Panthers can run in the dark :)

  • love it!!!

  • I went out without my headtorch recently. Part of my route was through a sort of tunnel of trees, but in places there's a rather steep drop to the right. That was somewhat unnerving - I took it rather steady for that stretch!

  • thats the worst bit not knowing where the dips are... really scary stuff!!!

  • I have to run in the dark at the moment but most of my route is street lit. For those small sections that are not, I'm convinced that I will break an ankle any moment!

    Hats off to you running that kind of distance in the dark - I would be a gibbering wreck long before I managed that!


  • Thank you... and its rather lovely running with the light of street lamps, the light is very comforting and warm....

  • That di a fantastic time for no worky head torch!

  • Thank you!!!!

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