Work putting squeeze on running

Work putting squeeze on running

I have started a new job and my determination to run three times a week is being tested. The only way I can do it, is to get up at 5 am and run in the dark! I have to lay all my gear out the night before and stumble out of the door but when I get going, especially being able to use my head torch, it is going ok. How do you manage to keep running when life gets busy? Back on track with my eating too, lost 2 lb after being totally stuck but giving up bread has been very tough. Before I had been eating more as a reward for running and that just wasn't working for me

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  • I also run before work. Up at 5:30. I'm not a great fan of my head torch so am trying to find a route that's half way lit. But with glasses steaming up, fog and very dubious lighting I'm finding it a bit difficult - in fact I tripped over again this morning, which was a bit depressing. No damage done but it happens with frightening regularity and at some point there will be damage done. The things we do for running - eh!

  • I have the same problem because I breathe through my mouth which steams up my glasses LOL. what is it you don't like about your headtorch? Mine is great, rechargeable and only cost twenty pounds too

  • I don't think I've got the right shaped head. It doesn't fit very well, no matter how small/tight I make it.

  • It's a pain, but sometimes work does interfere with our social lives.

    I'm fortunate that I can often go running in my lunchbreak. Even more fortunate in that I can to some extent flex my time, so nobody gets upset if I start half an hour early and extend my lunchbreak by half an hour, or start early and log off early. It's a great benefit, but we can't all be that lucky.

    If running in the morning isn't good (and getting up at 5 is going to put a damper on things), isn't it possible to run after work instead? Or run part of your commute if you have showering facilities at work? And if you don't have, then maybe part of the commute home? Or go out as soon as you get in, without giving yourself time to get side tracked with some of the hundred of other chores there is in the house.

  • You just keep your lovely smile and try not to worry about it. It'll work itself out and days get abit longer comecJanuary. If it is any consolation to you I have been overeating as you tend to do this time of year and seeing the not too pleasing results. Never mind it will come off again. I haven't managed to run much last week or this week, am just frantically busy - work, choir concerts, children's recitals, a birthday party on Sat to organise, guests coming, new furniture organised and doing a major clean up and declutter. I would LOVE to run but can't manage it. After Christmas though I know it'll all calm down and I can sort out my running and eating life.

  • Phew, @boptillyoudrop49 I feel worn out reading that list of things you are doing!! Well done for managing everything.

  • Lovely photo and best of luck with your new job. You are very dedicated getting up at 5, don't think I would ever have the motivation to do that! I'm not happy about my tummy and hips at the moment, probably need to cut out bread too - and pastry that is a real weakness!!

  • I took early retirement at 57, it's great! So can usually run when I want, although lately running has taken a back seat due to weather & slinky's recovery , so gone down to about twice a week, hope to pick up going up to Christmas with also more Parkrun's, so for me other stuff not work gets in the way, but with work commitments you have to fit in running when you can..then some people have kids some don't, there's so many variables..😊

  • That is seriously amazingly determined of you... been trying to get out at 6.30 am for a run these past few weeks and it's just not happening...I'm more of an evening person but will be changing jobs in a couple of months and the new one isn't going to allow evening runs to happen! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Its a pain dragging my sorry backside out of bed for a run at 6. Need to be back in the house by 0645 to give dog a short 20 mins then shower and out of the door by 0745. I feel great afterwards though!

    Well done on the weight loss, Joolie. I've been mindlessly overeating in the evening. I calculated that last Friday evening I consumed 1400 calories (Pizza, wine and nuts) Soooo ashamed!

  • Well done Joolie, youre showing real determination getting up and out at that time .

    Hope you enjoy your new job and Well done on your weight loss :-) xxx

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