Vomited after a 5K run

Today I started feeling nausea straight after my 5 K run, and vomited (not much, so most of meal must have been already absorbed) about an hour after finishing the run. I have never had nausea after running before.

I haven't got a lot of experience in running 5K, but I have improved my time from 52 minutes to 37:17 (PB today). Last PB was over 39 minutes, and I ran one minute and 46 seconds faster today.

Ideally, I would like to get just under 35 minutes. I am 10 kg overweight. There never was a plan about how to run 5K faster, I just go for runs and see how it goes.

Weather today was 24 degrees C, humidity 80 %, if that means something.

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  • Congrats with the PB, but the vomitting does not sound good. I would sorta understand if it was extreme exhaustion while you run, but an hour after... if it happens again, I'd suggest seeing a doctor.

  • Thank you! I didn't feel extremely exhausted, but a bit more tired than usual because pushed myself a little bit more.

    Maybe I should have left more time after meal before the run. Now it was 2 hours.

  • Ah. Yes, a recent meal might explain it, although running 2 hours after eating ought to be fine. But sometimes it's better to be safe than sorry.

  • I need more experience but 2 hrs does sound ok to me too 😮

    Upset stomach and slight tummy pain began straight away.

    I think I'll run a bit slower for the next few runs and see if I feel OK.

  • an hour after the run does not suggest causation, tbh.

  • Even when the symptoms that eventually led to vomiting started 1 second after stopping running? And continued the whole hour, culminating in the toilet trip?

  • Hopefully you drank water and have eaten? Perhaps a tummy bug?

  • Everything I have eaten after vomiting as well as water I've drunk has stayed inside (pardon me for too much information) and I feel much better now.

    Can't recall drinking very much water before run, I had some and two cups of coffee in the morning, probably should have paid more attention to hydration.

    I am drinking ice water now.

    Thanks :)

  • Ice water is not good for your tummy. Stick to room temperature water.

  • Ok thanks, you're right, didn't cross my mind! Quite warm here in Spain iced drinks are like a habit to me :)

  • I have felt ready to throw up immediately after a race but I know that's because I ran too fast for too long. However on Monday I felt sick during a run and although I finished it I then had a 24 hour vomiting thing. There is a bug going round so maybe that's it. Otherwise you might be running too fast, haven't hydrated enough/too much or eaten something that didn't agree with you.

  • Have had some nausea problems myself, but towards the end/immediately after finishing long runs. Just have to see how things go - hopefully won't happen again.

  • I felt sick on my run this evening, all through it. I blamed a milky coffee too soon before setting off. I won't make that mistake again. It was horrible. Bleugh!

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