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Did it!


Cannot believe I have just ran 10k! A few months ago I was just running up and down the river for 30 secs tops! A local running club is doing a 10k run in 6 weeks and wondered whether I would be able to do it so thought I would give it a try. Is this a time that is respectable? I have time to work on it.

Also what do people do now? I was doing 2 5k and a speed run of 3km mid week. Is 2 10k runs a week too much? I am over the moon as had a 5 day break too

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Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it!

I've managed 10k and 11k now, but realised I don't have the time (or inclination!) to run this distance every couple of days! However, routine is really important so I now do 5k every other day and a 10k once a week or once every two weeks. When I do the 5k runs I focus on getting quicker and finishing stronger (so I still have goals to aim for without having to complete huge distances each time).

Oh and something else I do: I've created a selection of playlists for different distances. I have a warm-up song and run until the warm-down song. Keeps things interesting and also means I can vary the distance (so I'm not wedded to always doing 5k).

Hope this helps?

Jbk1981 in reply to brightspice

Thank you! Great help! I think one 10k a week may be enough and the other two made up of at least one 5km possibly two, dependent upon how I cope lol

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to brightspice

sounds very organised brightspice :)

brightspiceGraduate10 in reply to skysue16

I will do anything to maintain the momentum. I know that the minute I give myself a 'reason' (excuse!) to not do a couple of runs in a row then I will likely stop altogether.....

BluerockdragonGraduate10 in reply to brightspice

That sounds like a really good plan. I don't usually have the time to run 10 km during the week so might (virtually) join you on your plan in a few weeks.

Well done on running 10k, a really great achievement and a milestone distance!

I would say stick with what you were doing but stretch one of your 5k runs by no more than 10% each week or so.

From what i understand you have doubled the length of your usual 5 k run today, which is way over the 10% rule. This can lead to overuse injuries particularly for new runners.

Take the next few runs easy both in distance and speed. Hopefully you will get away with it but better not to take such chances.

Jbk1981 in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you! I did complete 7k last week but yes I normally do 5km twice a week. 😬

Millsie-J in reply to Jbk1981

Right so let's work it out.......last week 7k+ 5k+3k=15k so 10% of weekly total would be add on 1.5k........making what should have been 8.5k today. Then the next uplift would be similar ( well just a touch over at 1.65k).....taking you to 10k next week if all was well and you felt ready for it.

So, providing you have no ill effects after today, and maybe take it easy for the rest of this week......i.e. One 3k and one no more than 5k run ( perhaps not too fast???), then next week you could reasonably do: 1x 10k, 1x 5k. 1x3k.

You might want to consolidate at that for a few weeks, and then keep building should you wish to.

Judge by how you feel. Don't always do fast runs, mix it. Remember long slow runs build stamina.

Enjoy your running and remember to claim your shiny badge!

Jbk1981 in reply to Millsie-J

Aw thank you!!! That's great! Right! I will follow your advice and go for a 3k on Wednesday (maybe) and 5k on Friday 🤗

Millsie-J in reply to Jbk1981

Keep listening to that body and enjoy 😃👍🏼

Jbk1981 in reply to Millsie-J

I would like to maintain one 10k a week though as I have done it now and it seems a shame to drop that back now and may demotivated me if I have to 😢

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Millsie-J

Great advice @jacs


Looks like a perfectly respectable time to me. Go you!


Congratulations on 10k and great time - feels good doesn't it! As others have advised take things a bit easier this week. You are doing really well :)

Jbk1981 in reply to skysue16

Yay! Thank you 🤗


Well done -that time looks great to me.

Thank you! 🤗


Looks like a good time to me. Give yourself come confidence and look up the times of the runners who've completed the 10 km before, assuming they're online somewhere. I'll bet you're nowhere near the slowest so go for it.


1 hour 10 mins is pretty good for a first time 10K run - and ESPECIALLY if you did it by yourself . With a bit of training and entry into a largish 10K race, I believe you could easily get that below 1 hour. I say "largish" because you need to be part of a "pack" to stimulate you along - you would be surprised the effect it has on you.

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