I did it! My first 10k!

Well I never thought I'd be writing that! Today I did my first 10k! I'm chuffed to bits.

I started C25K in April last year and I never thought I'd be a couple of weeks from my 'run-iversary' doing 10k!!

I haven't really been training for 10k, it just somehow happened! A month or so ago I went for a run and thought I'd try 6k if it felt okay. It did, so I did 6k for a couple of weeks (at around 40-42mins). Then I was doing a 6k and I had a steady pace, no stitch, feeling positive, so I upped it to 7k. All went well! Then I had a couple of dud runs- a 5k that turned into a 3k when a) I was stopped by a passerby for complicated directions and b) it started hailing! Then I had a really uncomfortable 5k, got a stitch, gremlins came calling... It was horrible!

But somehow the next run was really good. I decided to run by time instead of by km. I knew I could run for 50mins without stopping as that was my pace for the 7ks I'd done. So I thought, I'll see if I can get to 1hr. The first time I ran for an hour I did 8.3km, which I was really pleased with. Last weekend I thought I'd do an hour again and as the hour approached, I realised that I must have run a bit faster as I was at 8.7k so I thought I might as well finish and I achieve my first 9km in about 1hr 3 mins. Hurrah!

I managed to get a quick run in after work on Tuesday so I thought I'd do 5k and see if the longer runs had made any difference to my timing. My PB for 5k is 32mins 29. On Tuesday, I did it in 33.29, so only a minute slower than my best! I was really pleased with that. I think mixing up the longer and shorter runs is going to be a really good idea for me.

So this morning, I decided to go out for a longer run but with no real plan about how far to go, just slow and steady. I got to 5k in 34mins which is pretty good as my long run pace is usually just over 7min per km, so I knew I was doing relatively well. I got to 8km and was feeling good so I thought, you know what, why not go for the 10km! So I did!

The last km was a little tough, but mentally more than anything I think. I finished in 1 hour 8 mins 35 secs! I'm really, really pleased! I definitely think that the longer distances are as much a matter of will power and mental strength as physical power, focusing on keeping going nice and slowly, and not worrying.

I think I'll try to alternate between 5k and 8/10k now. I never thought I'd manage longer distances but it's all thanks to the programme starting me off well on this running lark!

Happy Easter everyone and Happy Running!

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  • Hi! This is really inspirational! I did the c25k almost 4 years ago, and since then my running has tailed off... so today I started the c25k all over again. Reading your post has made me determined to continue running once I finish the programme again, and make it to 10k too! Thanks :)

  • Thank you, that's very kind! Good luck, I'm sure you'll make it to 10km too! :-)

  • Great post!  I tried a 10k programme and just couldn't cope with run walk, tempo runs and my legs weren't happy either!  So I did the same as u did, started with 5k, sneaked up to 5.5, then 6, a7, followed by an 8 and onto a 10!  Just waited until I was having a good run and went a bit further!  Now I do 2 X 5k and a longer run each week.  Furthest so far is 13 km.  can't believe it but I just plod and plod some more.  Well done on your 10k breakthrough!  I'm going out for my long run this morning but not awake enough yet 😀

  • Thanks Julie! I was a bit wary of some of the 10k programmes as I'd read mixed reviews on here and to be honest I just wanted to run at my own pace. So it's nice that the 10k just sort of sneaked up on me! Enjoy your run :-)

  • I totally agree!  I loved the C25K programme and that turned me into someone who could run for 30 minutes and then 5k.  I do not want to walk at all on a run, feels like a failure so to do a plan that is built around recovery walks is not for me.  I know when my legs need resting and I hate running faster than is comfortable so I want to be the one in control of how long and how fast I go!! 😀

  • That is fantastic Laura  - such a buzz to do that first 10k isn't it, very respectable time too!☺ I agree it is great to mix up the runs. I tend to do 2x shorter runs (5/6k) and one longer run each week. I also agree that mindset is really important on those longer runs. Good luck and you have a great Easter break too☺

  • Thanks v much! It certainly is a buzz :-D

  • Congratulations!! It feels great when you achieve that and your time is excellent.  Well Done!

  • Thanks v much! I'm really chuffed with my time, especially as I only have little legs! (I'm 4ft 11!!)

  • Brilliant well done :D  and a good time toon;) 

  • Thank you!

  • Congratulations!  Great time too :)  I think you did it in such a sensible way, upping the distance bit by bit and then just going by time.  Great achievement, well done :)

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