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Is 11 weeks enough! 2 HM's


I have my next HM on 4 March. Early bird entries for the Hackney Half have just come out today and I'm really Interested as they have pushed it back a couple of weeks so it is now on 20May. Is 11 weeks enough time between two HM's. Or would I be pushing it

What sort of times do most people leave between HM's?

Thanks in advance for any input

Rfc x.

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11 weeks is perfectly fine. As a matter of fact, if you play it smartly, you'll keep the fitness from the first one ticking over so you don't really to do much to get back up to race fitness again for the second.

Just for argument's sake, say your training to the first in March involves your long run getting up to 10 miles a couple of weeks before race-day. After the March HM, take a week to recover, but then get fairly quickly up to the mileage you were running a month before race day, including 8-10 miles as your regular weekend long run. Carry on with that until late April, add 3 weeks of a small increase week-by-week and give yourself one week to recover before the May race day.

RealfoodieclubGraduate10 in reply to Tomas

That sounds like a really good plan. Thank you.


I think you will be fine Rfc. I ran a HM distance twice in training before my first actual HM race and ran it a litle faster and more comfortably each time. Good luck!🙂

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