Look what arrived in the post today!😮

Look what arrived in the post today!😮

Just shared this on C25k but had to share here as well, because my number for the Great Bristol 10k arrived today.  The race isn't until the 15th May, (two weeks after my first 10k event, which is a trail race). I am really looking forward to the Bristol 10k as I am running it with my sister ( who has a few HM's under her belt😮!). It will take on a special significance to us both, as it is in Bristol, where we were both born and we will very much be running in remembrance of our lovely Mum, who passed away just a couple of weeks ago. Tough times...they make you tougher don't they?

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  • Good luck Sandra! I'm sure you'll do well with your sister, it'll be great!

  • Mum will be watching. Sad times so sorry. Have a good run!

  • Good luck! You and your sister will have a great run together remembering a very special lady to you both. I am sure she will be watching over you. 

    Enjoy your trail race too! 

    Happy running 👟 

  • Thank you🙂

  • How exciting! When did you graduate Sandra/how long did it take to get to 10k? I am impressed that your first 10k is a trail race. It will be lovely running with your sister. All the best to you.

  • Thanks. I graduated in October. Spent a couple of months consolidating my 5k before extending one run in to a longer one. Reached 10k in January. Yes, slightly anxious about the trail event, but a lot of my runs are out on trails and it's really what I like best. Having said that....hills...😮😩!

  • Hey... I had one of those arrive in the post to!! :-) I looking forward to it even more as its the first time that I will run with my 21 year daughter... who would of thought that..although I doubt I can keep up with her!! :-)

    Best of luck, i'm sure that you will enjoy the day :-)

  • Running with your daughter will be fab! Go us!🙂

  • Sandra I'm so sorry to read about your mum. You're always so supportive of everyone here and you're also dealing with your own grief. It's a hard time and I'll put you in my thoughts. And you're so right. Tough times make you tougher.

    You'll run a blinder in this race and then some. It'll be emotional but happy too. xxx

  • Popping on here to catch up with everyone's news, and of course getting out on my runs has really helped me IP🙂

  • Oooh Sandra, its really real now isnt it ? :-)

    What a fitting tribute for your lovely Mum to have her 2 daughters running in memory of her ((( )))

    Go out and smash it Sandra , you will be amazing xxx

  • Thanks Poppy🙂

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