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2 weeks off... inspired by you!


With one thing and another I’ve been out of routine and was surprised to realise that I hadn’t been for a run for 2 weeks. I did do some serious walking but that was over a week ago too!

So today was the day... it’s hot here mid afternoon and my plan was to go to the gym on the way home. I don’t enjoy the treadmill as much since I have discovered the great outdoors, but it’s that or melt. And I very nearly didn’t go, as I felt tired and at home there was a mountain of washing that won’t get done on its own. But I was reading other posts on this forum about so many of you overcoming your gremlins, and I recognised mine. So I thought, okay, it’s been 2 weeks, but I can still go. I can run really slowly, I could just do 30 minutes and ease myself back into it.

So I started. The first 10 minutes was hard work as I struggled to get into the correct mindset, but then I actually sped up, Billy Idol came onto the playlist, followed by Madness and I kept going. Got to 25 minutes and knew I could do 30. Then onto 5km. I’m still a slow runner - I am definitely not built for speed, but today wasn’t that bad. In fact it was really quite good.

So thank you, all you people who post about your gremlins... you inspire me, and probably many many others too.

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Nice work Runninginsingapore! 😊

Back on track and squashing those gremlins. Why not join the Now!vember Quest, it helps me with motivation!

The washing will wait.... 😆unfortunately....now why can't those gremlins make themselves useful for once😄xx

I will take a look at the November quest.... thanks for the pointer!


Well done RIS! From one 🐌 to another! Good for you for getting to 5k! I’ll be sampling the treadmill in the next few weeks, but not for heat reasons! 💦💦💦💦

Thank you! I have to admit to looking forward to running when we get back to the U.K. I do miss the changing seasons, but perhaps not the cold rain ☔️

Well done runninginsingapore 👍. If I’d have listened to my gremlins last week I would have missed my first 5k as well.

Unfortunately they won yesterday but I’m not giving them an inch from now on. 🐌 over gremlins each step of the way for me 😊🐌🐌🐌

I think it’s a ‘thing’ that we all have to go through ... well done for getting over yours too.


Well done for getting out there and achieving this great distance, it’s hard when the gremlins get to you. Nice work.

Thank you!

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