10K event in 2 weeks time

Looking for a bit of advice or reassurance or wisdom or all 3!

I'm registered in a 10K event in 2 weeks time. I'd signed up to this back in December when I'd graduated from Couch 2 5K , running was going well and I wanted something else to work towards. Unfortunately I then ended up on the IC for almost 4 weeks with tendinitis then work and life got really busy so getting back to regular running and training has gone a bit slower than I had hoped...

So I've been doing a combination of the Bridge 210K podcasts, intervals and done a few parkruns for practice at running with others in an event rather than just whatever time I fancied running. Managing 3 runs a week although I had to have a step back again a couple of weeks ago due to some leg pains which have thankfully resolved.

I managed parkrun at the weekend in 35 mins then did week 4 of the podcasts today which got me covering 8km which is the furthest I've run so far and it felt ok albeit slow and had a few gremlins in the first kms to sort out.

The event is in 2 weeks time, and although I've got a few more runs scheduled before it I won't have actually managed a 10k before the event. The run info says it's suitable for all abilities but I've since found out that it's quite a hilly course and the times from the last few years all look pretty fast for even the last finishers....

I'm swithering about whether I not I attempt it. Part of me thinks it's silly to try a 10K so soon when I'm not as far on with training as I had hoped to be, and that there will always be plenty of other races I could work towards. But then the other part of me thinks I should just give it a go and plan to walk the hilly bits and it'll be a PB because I've never done any events like this before. I'd rather not be last, although that doesn't worry me too much, but I think what I'm worried about is feeling like I've 'bitten off more than I can chew' in attempting a hilly 10K race and losing the sense of achievement that I've had so far from all the runs I've done (complete overweight beginner to running 6 months ago) if that makes sense?

Sorry that was a long post! If you're still reading, does aiming for 10k next week sound reasonable? Any tips for maximizing what's left of training time?


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  • I'd definitely say do it. The plan to walk the hills sounds good - and any other bits you need. Remember to take it slow and steady and let us know how you get on. Good luck.

  • Thankyou!

  • My instinct is that you should do it and if you have another training run a little bit longer than 8K between now and the race, I have no doubt you can achieve the distance.

    Just how hilly is the route though? and have you done much in the way of running on hilly terrain do date?

  • Thankyou - so the event info says you start with a flattish 1.5km then there is a steady hill incline for 2km (!) which I've been told is fairly steep, but then a good downhill after and continues to be undulating after that. I've been running on forestry tracks and trails mostly so a bit 'up and down' but no specific hills, so I'm not going from running on flat roads only. I think I'll def try to get another long run in maybe 9km before then to get a bit more confidence. I think running uphill for 2km is too much and would still be too much even if I'd trained for months more so will just aim to walk it especially as it's at the beginning and I don't want to over do things too early on!

  • You can take walking breaks. Everyone does! Walking is a good thing! It gets you through races and any other run for that matter πŸ˜€

    I do it all the time

    you committed and trained for it. Nuff said πŸ˜€πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ…

  • I ran 10k just once before my race, but had decided once i had covered 8k that i was confident I could do the distance. So i think that depends on how you feel now.

    Dont worry about time. In effect you are only racing against yourself. Run/walk is fine , most people take walk breaks.

    Have a go and enjoy ⭐️

  • I would go for it anyway. As someone who has entered a couple of events now knowing that I am always going to finish near the end, I can offer you some of the things I have learned in the hope that they will help.

    I don't know how big the event is so how many people there will be, but no doubt there will be people there chasing PBs, and these people will finish in times like 34 minutes or less. Don't get sucked into going too fast at the start. If you know you're not going to do the course in a fast time, let them all go ahead and just do your own thing. If you have a Garmin or equivalent, keep an eye on your time and keep your pace to whatever you know you can do. You'll probably achieve a faster time than you expect on the day, but don't go off too fast because you're unlikely to be able to sustain it and 10k is a long way if it's hilly.

    Someone is going to come last. It might be you. That's okay. Accept that it's possible before you go in.

    Slow and steady will get you round, whether that's walking up the hills or just doing a steady trot round the whole thing. Plenty of others will likely be walking the hills too.

    You will have a sense of achievement afterwards, and rightly so. Good luck!

  • I agree with the others, you should do it. You've run 8K so you will definitely run 10K on the day. Just go at your own pace and try not to race with the speedy ones!

    You can't do much with the training between now and then but maybe do a few intervals and/or try a few hills to prepare you mentally for race day.

    Just try to enjoy the whole experience and remember this is supposed to be about fun! Is there bling?

  • Thankyou! There's a medal and a goody bag, it's organised by a Distillery so I'm hoping there might be some whisky involved too...

  • Ooooh, well little lot should give you some oomph on the day πŸ€—

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. I was having a bit of a wobbly/crisis of confidence last night as although I did 8km yesterday the first 5km were really tough and stop start all the time with various issues and was wondering if I was attempting too much! I'm also going to be going by myself and have never done an event like this before. So I've going to get my head down for a few more runs over the next 2 weeks then going to go for it, fingers crossed. I'll let you know how I get on!

  • Good for you! That's the spirit. Go for it.

    I'm doing a 10k with a hill in it in April too (Balmoral) and totally share your fear. :)

  • Good luck with Balmoral! It's Glenlivet I'm doing so not that far away

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