Six weeks dynamic Core Classes ✔️

I can't believe it was six weeks ago when I wrote about starting my dynamic core classes. I got signed off yesterday and had a little assessment. I have to say it has been really hard work but what a difference.

When I started I was feeling wobbly walking down stairs if I had something in my hands and couldn't stand on one leg for a couple of seconds. I have no problems bombing up and down stairs even with my hands full now. (I'm not known for walking or doing anything slowly 😀) I can stand on one Leg with out wobbling for ages now.

I can plank......... now here I have to hold my hands up and be totally honest. I couldn't plank before the op so this is a massive difference for me and a step I wouldn't of maybe made on my own without someone watching over me to make sure I did it. The circuit we did I have to carry in with for at least 2-3 months for it to finish doing all the building up they think I should do but like anything if I stop I will lose it all so I think I better get used to planks, bridges, sit ups and the like.

I have also gone to a couple of Pilates classes and will try and keep going but they are really hard to fit in. Time is a premium at the moment especially as it is the height of the bowls season and we run a bowls club 😳.

Oh and just as a side note. Lost a whole inch off my stomach without dieting? 😀😀😀😀. Win/ win there.

So do I like core work NO NO AND DOUBLE NO.... will I continue, I really hope so this time I will give it my best shot as as much as I hate it my body loves it and I can only see that my running will benefit from it. My Pilates instructor says most broken bones in the elderly are down to no core Stregnth so the time is to start now, I aim to be one of those ones at 100 still running HM's. 😀😀😀😀.

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  • Oh, that's all marvellous and great payback for all you have done. Good on you.

  • Thank you, I don't think I will ever have a six pack. But I'm sure it looks better under my ab duvet 😀.

  • That sounds really encouraging RFC. I'm like you, I need people "forcing me" if I have to do strength training, but I admire people who stick with it.

  • Thank you. I now have to do it on my own. I really want to say I can and I'm going to give it the best I can 😀.

  • That all sounds very positive RFC and there's some great news in there. Your hard work and perseverance have paid off for you.

    And yes I agree. The work we do now will stand us in good stead when we're older 🤗

  • Thank you, I really must keep it going otherwise it will of been wasted time and I'm. Not good with doing that 😀.

  • Sounds excellent progress, very well done for persevering. Inches off and no diet is good! I really, really don't like core work - any. tips you can offer?

  • Have someone watch over you to make sure you do it. 😀😀. (I think that is just me) I would say have at least one class because the reason I could not plank properly was 1) I didn't start off with the assisted plank first and find my form properly and 2) I was in totally the wrong position and doing my shoulders in instead of activating the core muscles before. Most of the exercises I did could be modified. If a single leg squat was out of reach we could just stand on one leg until we could balance to squat. Is was not about how many we could do it was about the quality of what we did. I now would rather do 5 good lunges than 10 bad ones out of form. Standing on one leg with your eyes closed is very good and can be done anywhere. It gives you a good idea of how you core muscles are. One of the hardest ones we had to do was standing in one leg with our eyes closed on a mini trampoline, the only way you could stay upright was to find your core muscles.

  • Thank you for all those excellent tips! I have tried exercise videos, strength& flex podcast, James Dunn on youtube, 30 day challenges BUT just can't keep it going :( i need something really simple that will fit into a busy day with the B&B. Maybe I should try standing on one leg for a bit each day - at least that would be a start!

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